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Shot a High Standard .44 Auto Mag this weekend!


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When I saw .308 Winchester on the headstamp I knew it was something WAY different than I've ever seen or fired....

A shooting buddy of mine brings something 'different' to the range every once in a while. He opened his case and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It's a very large and heavy pistol, that's for sure! It's also very loud with very energetic recoil, however the loads we shot were only 50% at 12g powder. He said that particular bullet can be pushed with 24g of powder! I can't imagine how beastly loud it must be in an indoor range...


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It was Sudden Impact. It was quoted by CE "if used properly, it will remove fingerprints".

The gun was made by AMC or AMT. I don't think High Standard ever made them. When I was HS, I wanted one soooo bad. A little later in life, I was fortunate enough to shoot one. It's one of the magical moments in my shooting career. Overrated and overpriced, it's still a pistol shooters dream to put a couple of magazines through one. Truly a iconic pistol for sure.

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The gun was made by AMC or AMT. I don't think High Standard ever made them.

I didn't think High Standard ever made the AMP, but the pistol has "High Standard" stamped right on the side and the owner, who is a wealth of knowledge about the AMP, showed me all the serial numbers High Standard made. I'll have to see if I can get a picture.


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I normally don't either - but looks to be a good deal, plus everyone starts somewhere and not everyone who has their first auction is a crook.

I will likely be outbid. Some of the prices are extreme in these auctions I notice - some are good deals too.

Two rookies doing an exchange. There is a decent FFL guy right over in Monroe. I worried that someone here would outbid me. Thank goodness your site isn't huge YET.

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Pabs you are bidding on that? Good luck! I think all you need is a slide swap to shoot .357 and .50!

Get it man! I'm so glad you are into the .44! I knew you needed more than a two-stroke mountain bikes! You could ride your bike to places to shoot! WooT! Dude I so hope you get it! A dream gun...

And then an AR cause the DE uses a system very similar to the AR!

And ummmm...you can get the AR in big calibers if you must! .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf and .450 Bushmaster...

keep booming!

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Yeah I am nuts.

That's what they want you to think. Nope not at all. You are enjoying your 2nd Amendment Rights!

If anythang is worth doing...it is worth doing well...

And I would say a .44 Magnum Deagle is doing things well...

Now I wouldn't go all out bidding on this one gun but if I wanted one I would definitely wouldn't stop until I found one at the price I wanted to pay...

Happy Booming! laugh

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No kinda cranky so I didn't type clearly. Good deal for one of the other weasels. I got outbid. I wasn't around a computer all day so I missed out!!

Hey bro no bid deal! It wasn't meant to be...

I was gonna say going from no semi-auto to a Deagle is a mighty giant leap so I wanna make a recommendation if you don't mind...

Get yourself a 9mm! Cabela's has the Springfield XD on sale right now! Just a thought...

Go in there and feel 'em all up like I said. It's okay you can touch them! You don't even have to buy one that day. Just pick up the semi-autos that you have been pondering about in 9mm or .40 or .45 and compare weights and check out the sights.

They let me dry fire them all which I thought was neat...next best thing to actually firing them...I'm not telling how to spend your hard earned dough but I think next time you are in Cabelas to get some .44 Magnum bullets for that Browning you maybe should spend some time looking. There was a Deagle at Cabela's and the guy offered to let me hold it but I was scared of the thing a bit...scared I would buy it! It was used though.(Which had little to do with my decision just that I don't think you seem them in Cabela's unless they are used.)

If you really must have a big bore handgun in .44 I would definitely check out the Ruger Super Redhawk! That thing is a beauty for the money! Kicks like a Missoura Mule though...

Feel up the Glock 20 also. For the money($569) there is no other high powered semi-auto that can touch it. NONE! 10mm FTW! I know why you wanted a .44 but don't limit yourself to one caliber life is too short and that would be too simple and smart to do something like that! LOL!

Just some late night two cents...

I've been scouring the internests for a red dot for my AR and some M855. Internet window shopping has become my new past time. Just when I'm about to checkout after I have filled my virtual shopping cart I get the feeling there is one more website I need to check out.

Happy Booming

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