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  1. Seems like a super deal!! And the SKS is a durable rifle.
  2. As silly as it may seem 1,000 yards is along way away !!! Most impressive.
  3. Obama as usual takes advantage of a crisis, Has any other scum sucking politician raising their hackles against the ban? Seems not. What ever it takes for the U.S.A to fall into the new world order.
  4. Tacticool is for fools. The SKS is a great rifle,I wish I bought a dozen back in the 1990s when they were selling for $69.00 to $99.00. I would just leave it as is and shoot it. No need to toy with the rifle if it runs.
  5. 338 Lapua is an awesome cartridge.
  6. A classic revolver,,,Sweet.
  7. My friend has a Rem 700 in 338 Lapua with the muzzle brake the muzzle blast is worse than the recoil,not bad at all plus wow 338 lapua seems to be one of those "inherantly" accurate calibers. I would guess punching holes in paper under 100 yards a lesser caliber would save money. but at 1200+ yards the longer barrel life as compared to the 300 magnums might make the 338 lapua a break even caliber. The 300 magnums are an owie caliber and the 338 Lapua a manly caliber? I almost forgot to add I loaded a bunch of 200 Gn Sierra Matchkings in 300 Weatherby mag a couple of years ago and at max recommended charge with H1000 powder, the primers looked great so I didn't measure the cases. My shoulder had a black and blue spot from the recoil though. Seems the H1000 powder is a good choice.
  8. I wonder is the 338 lapua is in the long run cheaper to shoot than the 300 mags due to the longer serviceable barrel life.
  9. Bringing up an old"er" post I have been using the small primer pick up brass and find it easier to prime on my Dillon 550. Seems no matter what I do or parts I replace the small primer setup works almost 100% and the large primer has at time feeding fits.
  10. The New American magazine is great to read I have been reading it since the 1980s I think!! We can thank the EPA but Mexico and China will probably fill the lead orders.
  11. Best to wait and let others work out the bugs.
  12. Last night I bought a set of Warne scope rings to replace a like set of Leupold rings that one broke. The Warnes are made in Oregon and set up real nice.
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