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  1. I saw that in the catalog. Bummer.
  2. It is an extremely accurate gun. Better than my III and that one is super accurate.
  3. Never mind me. It is Mk V barrel. My brain runneth over. Not sure why I thought 4 instead of 5.
  4. 1980 New Model Blackhawk .41 Magnum, 1972 Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Magnum, 2014 S&W Model 617 .22LR, 1973 Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Magnum (w/Mk IV Barrel), 2010 New Model Blackhawk .357Magnum
  5. Don't think I have held and shot a 586. Maybe I touched a 586 at a gun shop, don't exactly remember comparing. What I do know is I don't like distinct finger grooves in hand gun grips. Oddly I don't mind more rounded grooves in Ergo AR grips or Hogue AK grips.
  6. Fits and works great!
  7. Just thought I would drop in and say I got another Trooper. Free! Trooper Mk III with a ribbed Mk IV barrel. The thing is accurate.
  8. It's coming and going due the scourge known as Google+
  9. Got the Real-Avid today. There was a little hidden crust in the 5.56 carriers. Well actually a distinct pile of carbon! Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  10. Pablo

    Building a 10mm SBR

    I like the forum for all things 10mm.
  11. Pablo

    Building a 10mm SBR

    Full story here: http://10mm-firearms.com/10mm-rifles/rmw-extreme-build-it-has-begun/new/?topicseen#new
  12. It's not a time to be sloppy if you are in the firearm business. YOU KNOW BHO and Lib Minions are just drooling for "examples". Why the [censored] Stag didn't realize this is just pure incompetence.
  13. I will try both! Thanks!! I've been using soaking and using non-purpose made tools. They sort of work. To be honest, my 5.56 and my 6.8 and pretty darn tolerant of coked residue. My 10mm, absolutely not. And it cokes up like rich business guy in a bad movie. I scraped the "tail" of the 10mm bolt with a box cutter and scrubbed with hm gun cleaner, and was pretty amazed how clean it became.
  14. Pablo

    Building a 10mm SBR

    Well.....here is the main deal as I stated before, making a DI pistol caliber rifle is a real PITA. Ron (RMW) makes it seem like it's something to be taken granted. I love his work and I bought his products, but my main two gripes are the above type attitude, and his use of fair cheap AR ancillary parts. Let's focus on the just the bolt and bolt carrier. There is no nice way to put it, but the modified bolt was junky out of the gate and the fit in the carrier was crap - in the sense: It probably would be fine with most all full powered rifle rounds, but the sticking and the digging and the hanging up of the bolt was driving me nuts. I fixed it by: using the stock set up with metal polish on the rings and working it by hand (a LOT of hard junk came out metal - chrome and steel), then I replace the rings with a single piece gas ring. Super duper smooth and easy now. http://www.rmwxtreme.com/#top
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