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  1. I have been able to get plenty of powder, even 8lb jugs of all the stuff I use. Bullets have been hit or miss and primers are non existent still. Brass is about like bullets, if you get there when it comes in you are golden but luckily I have plenty of brass and primers, it's the projectiles I keep running out of.
  2. I suppose 2 can be a coincidence, but any more and I have to believe we have a trend.
  3. Perhaps you were thinking of John Noveske of Noveske Rifle Works, who died in a car crash about a week after he made a facebook post linking the recent shootings to psychiatric drugs? story
  4. That is not the exception, rather the norm for RCBS. I called once to try to purchase a decapping pin, they would have none of it and sent me two absolutely free.
  5. Sad news, I always enjoyed watching him.
  6. The use of the multi colored towel is proof of that!!
  7. I was just at my local gun shop today and there was only one brick of large rifle primers and no small pistol primers. Last week they had a nice compliment of each.
  8. Chicago at it again. http://newsfixnow.com/2012/10/18/chicago-considers-tax-on-guns-and-ammo/ Always seemed odd that the ATA would move the Grand American to such a non gun friendly state as Illinois.
  9. Anyone try out these powders yet? I just picked up a pound of each this weekend and wanted to know if anyone had used them and get your opinions on it.
  10. I recently picked up a box of 500 Hornady Z Max "zombie" bullets on clearance at my local gun shop for $49.99. They are the same as the V Max I already use except they have a neon green tip.
  11. Do you hand prime or do it on the press?
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