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  1. The SD polymer enhancement trigger and the SD spring kit. Did the springs last night, doing the trigger tonight.
  2. I just got a kit for my SD9VE in the mail today. Looking forward to having something that doesn't feel like a toy.
  3. Howdy - I joined up here when this board started out in 2010. I just checked and see I haven't posted in four years, since 2011! So wow this place took off nicely, and I'll be lurking around more often.
  4. I picked up a cleaning kit that was for a 10/22. I don't have one, but I wanted the rod. The kit had two cool things, a bore-guide for the muzzle end, and a patch collector box thing that went in the breech. http://gunsforsale.com/gun-cleaning-kit-ultra-ruger-22-lr-62009-gunslick-1 I think perhaps the copper cladding is there to help the cycling of semiautomatic actions. Maybe, I don't know?? I prefer plain lead in my bolt-actions.
  5. I'd like to see some Lucas gun oil in this test. I've used it with some super-fine steel wool on some pretty tough looking rust spots and they just vanished. http://www.lucasgunoil.com/whylucas.html
  6. My Grandad had one with a low serial #, unfortunately stolen in the 60's.
  7. With regard to the drying of brass, have you thought about using a hair dryer?
  8. There was a nice write-up on the 99 by David R. Pie in the 2009 Gun Digest.
  9. Very cool. I have what I think is a .57 snider enfield. Also have a couple of original boxes of ammo.
  10. Too late I bought an FVXP new, with warranty.
  11. Can you not register the warranty online? I did that with my new Savage. Which reminds me I need to do the scope.
  12. If I look hard enough, I might have the original Shooting Times magazine that had the first features on them.
  13. Pretty cool. Why is there a big ring on the bolt? Manual cocking?
  14. Andy

    Ruger LC9

    I'm no CCW guy, but that looks like it would slip into a pocket real handy-like, with the contoured edges and whatnot.
  15. Umm I don't think I'd call Eric Clapton a $1500 guitar player. He's not all that bad!
  16. Stevens came to mind when I saw the middle one. Too bad his boot is in the way!
  17. There's a fellow here that has a MkII TR for sale, no sights or scope, unfired. Would this be a good rifle to mount aperture sights for some indoor range shooting? What would you pay for one?
  18. Well after reading a bit about accuracy problems and a tough trigger on the Marlin I'm back to the MkII, with peep sights I think.
  19. I'm watching this thread. Would like to buy a .22 for my spousal unit for Christmas. I think a bolt action would be good to start with and have been looking at the Savage MKII. Although I like the idea of a tube-feed like on the Marlins.
  20. Andy

    Femaru P.Mod.37

    This is the second gun I thought I'd post. 7.65 caliber, so it's a prohibited weapon up here in Kanuckistan. It has a nice holster and 2 flat-bottomed mags. I've been looking out for one with the finger extension, but the one I did see was $130. GunParts has a listing too, but no pic. But for $40 I suspect they're not original. Had a chance to shoot it when I had a club membership, and it was great fun but had a tendency to jam. I thought perhaps it was that the mags weren't right for the gun, but perhaps it just needs some work.
  21. link 1 link 2 So far these two links are about it.
  22. John Utting. You can see Utting in the first pic.
  23. Ok, I'll start here: http://www.practicallyshooting.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2985#Post2985
  24. Hello, I thought I'd start out here with this gun, one of a few my granddad had. I haven't been able to find out very much about the maker other than there are records that have him in London around 1799-1820. It may have been converted to percussion at some later date. I have also seen one book that has another maker, I don't remember the name, that had similar diamond check on the grip.
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