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  1. .410- Yes! Same deal. .357 Mag in a small gun is just awful. Even in a K-frame, in the rare times I carry one, it’s usually with .38 +P. On the the other hand, sometimes when I carry a revolver it’s because I want the greater power of magnums. I’ll deal with it in a K frame then, but not smaller. I’ve shot magnums in my Kimber K6s, which is more Detective Special size, and it wasn’t much different t from a K. There are some mild magnums like Remington .357 Golden Saber, that’s more of an in-between 38 and 357, that aren’t so terrible. When ammo supplies l
  2. I started with revolvers and had a bias that way for a few years, but have been an auto guy for a long time. I know a lot of people say they shoot revolvers better, but I’m not one of them. I have to look for reasons and places to justify choosing a revolver in most cases, so I may not be the best one to sell you on them. I readily admit the nostalgia is one big attraction to me. I’ve been addicted to Adam-12 since old reruns have been showing this year, so maybe that’s it! I do prefer them for places like pocket and ankle carry. I think they resist pocket crud a lot be
  3. Just a little. I looked at their steel barrels since weight wasn’t a factor here. There was something I can’t recall that kept me from looking further, like maybe I didn’t like the length choices. I wanted a fairly long barrel for this, to get more weight out front since it’s a prone gun. Honestly, once I found a good deal on the IBI barrel from an outside source, I quit looking. A friend at the gun club who works with us in the Jr Program just built a lightweight Savage 6.5CM with a carbon fiber barrel. I’m not sure, but he might’ve used a Proof Research barrel. He’s
  4. The 4” one isn't here yet, but I was doing some comparisons and realized this: A 2” barreled S&W Model 12 weighs 17oz. A 4” barreled S&W Model 12 weighs 19oz. A Glock 43 is right in the middle at 18oz. The S&Ws are six round guns. The Glock is 6+1. The G43 barrel is 3.41”, so it falls right in there also*. I didn’t realize they were all that close. I suppose the Glock 48 with its longer 4.17” barrel is a closer comparison to the 4” S&W 12. The G43 weighs 20.74oz empty. That is actually 1.74oz more than the S
  5. I told you thought they were neat. I just won a Gunbroker auction for a 4” RB model 12. I wish they had made them with 3” barrels, but I’ll compromise with a 2” and a 4”.
  6. The KRG stock arrived yesterday. And earlier that day I ordered a new barrel from International Barrels. https://internationalbarrels.com/product/22rf-cz455-452/
  7. Thanks! The wind was pretty much a non-factor this time. That’s one reason. I’m not sure, but I think scores were higher across the board. Also- They rotate through three courses of fire. This was my first time seeing one twice. That helped a lot to lower the match jitters. Plus I had a good spotter this time. There was a large number of attendees, so I got separated from my buddy in the shuffle to align squads, but this guy was good too. A good spotter can gain you a few points sometimes. ********** My buddy John has a new goal. He wants to clean
  8. They had a match Wednesday evening. I shot a personal best, but my buddy outdid me handily. He shot the first perfect score they’ve ever had.
  9. How about a 500 yard .22 match? https://www.nmlra.org/calendar/august22longrange
  10. Seriously, if it ever works out, let me know. I’m a member there so can get you in early so you can set zeroes beforehand. Odds are I’m going anyway.
  11. Shoot what you brung. No limits on rifle or scope that I can see. The only equipment rules concern your rifle support, i.e. bipod or backpack front rest only, no rear bag. I’ve seen plain CZs and older Rem 541s, and I’ve seen a couple of gee-whiz chassis systems. I’d say the two most common rifles are CZ 457s (mostly MTR models) and Ruger Precision Rimfires. The downside to a big Smallbore match rifle with lots of adjustments is they are single shots. Each twenty round stage is timed. It fairly generous at five to eight minutes, so a repeating action isn’t nec
  12. My attention wanders like that of a coffee-guzzling squirrel. My latest interest is shooting in Long Range .22 Rifle matches. I'm sure everyone has a different idea of what "long range" is with a .22, but at this club it's 75 to 240 yards. Basically it's like silhouette shooting, but at extended ranges and shot from prone with bipods. Targets are typical steel animal silhouettes plus a few rectangles and even some bolt heads thrown in. They have two classes, Standard and Master. The main difference is the distance shot. You have to shoot in Standard until you c
  13. I shot it yesterday. As expected, that experience proved it's a very short range tool. The closest backstop we have at the club is 50 feet. I shot three magazines/21 rounds, and used up a good percentage of that backstop. I'd say they went into around 16". As much as I'd like to blame that on the fact I used a different type of ammo in each magazine, I'd be lying. it's probably a MECHANICALLY accurate gun, but not so much for practical accuracy with the lack of sights, small size, a DA trigger. It has a bark, too. I don't think I'd enjoy shooting the .380 version much.
  14. “It has been referred to as the pistol that the late Col Jeff Cooper would be forced to carry if he went to [censored]: a double action pistol with no sights, a magazine safety, and chambered in 32 ACP.” That’s from an Ammoland article on the Seecamp LWS-32 pistol. As a follower of most of the late Col’s teachings, I’ll go along with that. The Seecamp is a combination of what I too consider non-“features”. But I had to have one because it is so... neat. It’s fascinating engineering-wise. Everything about it is meant to make it small. Originally designed ar
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