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  1. Beautiful. I have a No. 1 in 30-06 and it can be quite the shoulder bruiser, depending on the load.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. The early 98 Mausers were finished to very high standards with relatively good polish jobs and deep bluing. This 1943 gun shows just how badly these guns were being thrown together by then. Look at the tool marks on the barrel and receiver.
  3. Okay, if I could just have five guns, here they are: 1. S&W Model 629 6-inch. 2. Mossberg 590A1 18-inch with bead sight 3. Ruger Mini-14 4. Ruger Model 77 in 30-06 5. Ruger LCR in .38 Special
  4. Because I didn't read the original post very carefully. I thought it was "What five guns do you want that you don't have?" Duh. Obviously, if I could only have five guns to last me the rest of my life for any and all situations, the ones I listed above would not be the five.
  5. 1.) M14 2.) Winchester 71 3.) Weatherby Mark V in 300 Wby (already have one in 30-06) 4.) Pre-64 Winchester 70 in 220 Swift. 5.) A modern reproduction of a Marlin 1881 in 45-70.* *Since no one makes one, I'd probably have to get Gun Smoke to make a one-off for me. Cost: probably around $20,000.
  6. We can't get political, so I'll reserve comment.
  7. Does that surplus 7.62x54R have non-corrosive primers? If not, make sure you thoroughly clean the bore and chamber immediately after every shooting session or you will quickly have severe pitting.
  8. It doesn't look like anyone else is going to guess, so Barry is the winner (again). This is the Whitney Burgess 1878 Long Range Repeating Rifle. Made in limited numbers, it was the first lever action chambered for the 45-70. The Marlin 1881 was the first "mass produced" lever action 45-70.
  9. Can you ID this lever gun?
  10. Barry got it right off the bat in a PM to me. The man is Jesse James. The gun is a Marlin 1881, the first mass produced lever action ever offered in 45-70. The "beautiful friendship" Barry is referring to in his hint is no doubt the relationship between Winchester and John Browning, because this Marlin rifle is what ultimately led Winchester to put Browning's big-bore lever gun into production as the Winchester 1886.
  11. I'm hearing some talk from the gun shops around here. Sales are up. Way up. There is fear that we may not have a new president come November, and that Obama, unfettered by not having to worry about re-election, will mount an all-out assault on guns.
  12. That's one I'll buy.
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