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  1. My buddy just paid $275 for 8 lbs of 231 from someone on Gunbroker. I load his ammo for his 686 revolver and he shoots 500 to 700 rounds a week. It is getting really scarce for sure.
  2. I load for a .338 Lapua in a Remington 700P. I use 94grs of RL25, Sierra 250gr MKHP, Federal 215M primer and a Nosler case. I think the Nosler brass is actually made by Norma. Good stuff. Velocity is 2855fps and holds .5 MOA. Not bad for the shorter barrel on the Remington. I did replace the original factory muzzle brake with a VIAS brake. I tried Retumbo, but it didn't fare as well. It works better with the 300gr Matchkings. My gun did not like the Lapua 250gr Scenar's at all. Still a work in progress.
  3. Moe

    Which 9mm Pistol?

    I just picked up a pair of Beretta 92SF's and love them. I added factory Beretta wooden grips to both of them and they shoot great. I bought 2 because I already bought a new one and then a PPT came about for a NIB 92SF for $400. It was cheap because it had those evil 15 round magazines that couldn't be sold with the gun. It was unfired and originally purchased in 1987. Fun guns to shoot and are very accurate with AE & WWB ammo. Something to think about..
  4. Well, I will stand up for the 8mm Remington mag. You really need to handload for that caliber to take advantage of it's potential. IMHO, it's a great cartridge and I still use it to this day. I have 2 Remington 700's in 8mm mag. One is a standard BDL and the other is a custom shop 700 safari grade. Both are very accurate. Sub MOA with both, with the custom shop 700 with a factory Hart barrel a little better. Best Antelope gun I have used at long range. My current load is 94.5 grains of RL22 and a 150gr Sierra GameKing at 3475FPS. It's awesome at 500+ yards. Recoil and blast are reduced when I had my Gunsmith install a VIAS muzzle brake. It recoils like a 30-06. All my bigger rifles have a VIAS brake. They are that good. My second load is my Elk load. I used to shoot 200gr Nosler Partitions but have switched to Nosler Accubonds for their better ballistics. RL25 and the 200's are good for 3000+ FPS and are great for anything big in North America. The Partitions have dropped the 4 Elk that I have shot in their tracks. Impressive to say the least. It's too bad the 8mm Mag got a bad rep. I blame Remington for the anemic factory loading and the stupid 24" barrels that were installed in the BDL's. Better powders and bullets have made this caliber a powerhouse. I am afraid it's too little, too late. Do more modern calibers make better guns? Maybe. My 300 RUM is a remarkable rifle. No belt, huge case, 26" factory barrel with amazing ballistics and 30 caliber bullet selections. 180gr Nosler Accubonds at 3350fps and 5/8" groups make this a deadly combo for large game. Almost 4500 Ft.Lbs. of muzzle energy is most impressive. But in real life, my 8mm's do the job just fine. Make no mistake, the 8mm Remington Mag has seen better days. It's now more of a curio of the magnum age. This caliber has served me well and will continue to do so for many years to come. I think it's one of the most misunderstood calibers of all time. If one is willing to work with the components that are available now, you will be rewarded with a great North American hunting rifle. You just have to reload for the full potential of this caliber.
  5. I bought 2 of them last year when they were on sale for $49.95. I use them all the time and so far they have been great. My 22" AR varmint with a standard A2 stock barely fits, but it can be squeezed in. Overall, a good buy IMHO.
  6. Yes,this particular AR shoots really well with both the Sierra and Berger 52-53gr match bullets. 1/2 to 3/4 is the norm. The thing that surprised me was how it shot my 69gr Sierra load that I use for an older Colt top handle H-Bar upper with a 1/7" twist.The point of impact was much different, but the accuracy was outstanding despite the slower 1/10" twist. I was scratching head after that. The only explanation I could come up with is the 24" barrel of the Varminter along with the slower burning Varget powder yields enough velocity to stabilize the Sierra 69gr bullet.
  7. I have actually tried both powders. The CFE 223 was used in a HB AR15 varminter with Berger 22cal 52gr FB pills, new Winchester commerical brass with Remington primers. 1/2" groups and good velocity with a low SD. I just loaded a couple of hundred of that load for a future squirrel shoot. I really can't say anything about the lack of copper fouling. I didn't really notice any difference from my other loads. The Superformance powder was used in my Remington 700 .300 WSM. Norma cases, 150gr Nosler Accubonds and Federal 210M primers were used with this powder. If I recall, I was able to get 3250FPS with so-so accuracy. I went back to Reloader 17 wich gave me better results in that rifle.
  8. When one of the guys on that show wanted a depth mic. so he could chamber a rifle and was told to "eye ball it", that was enough for me. What a bunch of chumps. Pure reality TV bullcrap!
  9. After sighting it in, the scope holds zero perfectly. I was working up a load with 180gr Accubonds and RL 25 and the accuracy was very good, with 5 shots into an 1/2 inch! This is pretty amazing with a hunting bullet @ 3365fps. The VIAS muzzle brake helps a lot with the accuracy, bringing recoil down to a tolerable level from the bench.
  10. I bought this scope for my Remington 700 300 RUM. Finally got a chance to try it Sunday with a little range time doing load developement. Very impressed with it. It has a 30mm maintube, side focus and a 40mm objective. It also has target turrets that use covers. Mounted it with Mark 4 2 piece bases and rings. Adjustments were repeatable and eye relief was generous, which is good for this gun. Optical clarity is excellent. I looked high and low for a better price on Leupold scopes and found Bruno's Shooting Supply to be the best price I could find.
  11. +1 on the Kimber .22 convesion kit. Turns my S&W 1911 into a real match type .22, even with CCI 40gr minimags that Kimber recommends. It's not in the same league as my S&W 41, but for $269 it's really good bargain IMHO.
  12. I used Shooters Choice for years. I now use Montana X-treme Copper Killer and Aero-Kroil. I learned this from a friend that shot .50 BMG's in competition @ 1000yds and is a very good gunsmith. My 300 RUM and .257 Weatherby are pretty hard on barrels and seem to leave a considerable amount of copper behind after just a few shots. The Copper Killer works better than anything I tried before and the Kroil is getting the carbon out for a very clean barrel. The Kroil can be left in the bore without harming the barrel.
  13. I never really had any problems with nickel plated brass. 20yrs ago, I bought 1000 Remington nickel plated 44 mag cases from Midway and still have 600 or so unfired cases left. I don't try to get the maximum reloads out of any of my brass. If the primer pockets get a little loose or I have to trim them more than twice I usually just dump them and start over again. Not the cheapest way of doing things, but very safe. I have used nickel plated .38 special brass for PPC competion that I shot years ago and had no problems what so ever. I would reload them 10-15 times before dumping them. They were low pressure, low velocity target loads so case life was very good as you would suspect. I was told that the nickel plated brass would split the necks before a regular brass case but I just didn't experience that. These 38 special cases were all loaded on a Dillon 550.
  14. Nothing special with the 44 mag. I use Hornady dies in a single stage press. My favorite recipe is 25grs. of H-110, Federal large pistol magnum primer, Remington nickel plated brass with a Sierra 240gr JHC bullet. Out of a 9 1/2 inch Ruger Super Redhawk, MV is a little over 1500fps with outstanding accuracy at 100yds. I would decrease the powder charge a full grain or two if I were reloading for a S&W 29. I have tried that load in a 29 and get sticky extraction so I stopped. The Ruger, IMHO, can take a much higher pressure load than the Smith. I also use the Ruger load in a Marlin Lever gun in 44mag and it also shoots very well.
  15. I say a 300 Remington Ultra Mag! I was reading the current Nosler reloading manual and came across the data for the 300 RUM. In the story about this caliber, the writer used a 300 RUM to take out 3 Texas pigs with ONE shot! There was something in that small article about the sadistic giggles his hunting buddies did that are usually associated with varmint hunting after that shot. 4000+ Ft.Lbs. of muzzle energy and a Nosler Accubond bullet will usually do that.
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