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  1. I know nothing about F-Class, so I wouldn't know where to start, but I am interested in the practical difference between .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. You say "life was much easier". How so?
  2. Which will be better, the Springfield or the FN?
  3. I read everything I could find about this new gun and can't get excited about it. The main 'feature' seems to be the aluminum frame, which to me is a detractor because it's going to be heavier than the same gun with a plastic frame. A couple ounces carried all day feels much heavier. What am I missing that I should be excited about?
  4. I can't imagine why one wouldn't just use a 9mm? The external ballistics are similar, but you could get 2 more rounds into a subcompact magazine. Does the increased round count really matter? Considering the new round will likely be extinct in a couple years, I'll pass as I'm guessing most will.
  5. Hornady shipped a replacement part for my press that wore out. I was surprised to see that a small piece of metal causes health problems. What in the world?
  6. More is better, don't you know? I would hope people would look at instructor reviews, qualifications, experience. Course material reviews and facility reviews would also give a view into the "is this a good way to spend my hard earned money?" question. I suspect round count has become a marketing method more than it is a determination of quality.
  7. LOL! I'll not be in the bidding for one at these prices. Hopefully, the early production bugs will be out of them when I'm serious about buying at a realistic price.
  8. I don't need one that badly!!!
  9. Oh my goodness!! I will absolutely buy one! The Hi-Power has been at the top of my next gun list for years. When I get it I will post pictures.
  10. How many brands of ammo in the US have an origin in Russia?
  11. You can thank me for that mind virus. 😁 Colion did a good review and he likes it. I take back the reference to looking like a Hi-Point
  12. My first impression was that it looks like a Hi-Point. Now I can't get past my first impression.
  13. Ruger started producing the 10/11 in 1964, that's 57 years ago and has produced over 7 million of them in various iterations. I wonder why it's taken Ruger so long to product a lefty?
  14. I wish they would make it with the same beautiful bluing the Python had.
  15. Same with trap shooting, extra clothes make the whole process more difficult. I've learned the importance of the outer layer of clothing to have a non-grabby texture so it's easier to get the stock in the correct position. Pictures are a must :-)
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