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  1. Yah I had to quit it...I wish Glock had sent a hot Austrian chick with a sexy accent!
  2. Mike from Glock is mildly retarded and saying "limp wristed" is not politically correct. ^That's what I learned from this video.
  3. Heading over to GlockTalk to see how many G21's blew up yesterday...
  4. http://edbrown.com/kobra.htm The Kobra skin is patented. Something to do with the metal being etched like snake skin. Grip one way, smooth the other. And well of course...Hickok has the Kobra Carry.
  5. Yes Yes of course they are hers...I really dig 'em! Pablo did you see the Ed Brown Kobra I linked? Imagine those grips on the stainless Kobra. One day my friend...one day...
  6. And ummm...yah while we're at it I want these grips!
  7. I don't want a $5000 gun I want a $2000something gun...really bad...but not bad enough to get out the credit card...I'll pay cash someday. http://edbrown.com/kobra.htm That said I bet a Smith&Wesson for a thousand bucks would make me pretty happy. I really like the external extractor design on that one. And ummm...I like the Springfields too! I just don't have the desire for 1911's like I do other platforms. The only one that makes me drool is the Ed Brown and I just want the "plain jane" Kobra in stainless. That would be my one and only "Safe Queen".
  8. CamuMahubah

    SIG P225

    I would have guessed correctly had you said 13 rounds instead of 14,15,16 I dunno! I have a G23 So how's the recoil compared to the Sig? Spill your guts! I need to know before I go buying another handgun!
  9. You cannot hunt deer with a rifle in Illinois. Sorry. Shotgun, muzzle loader, handgun, or bow... Doesn't Wayne live in Illinois? Maybe he can chime in... http://www.dnr.illinois.gov/hunting/Documents/DeerInfoSheet.pdf
  10. I cain't afford the 1911 I want. So I ain't getting a 1911.
  11. Is Remington producing this gun or just putting their name on it?
  12. CamuMahubah

    SIG P225

    I bet Pablo shot a Glock 22.
  13. CamuMahubah

    SIG P225

    Cool you shot a .40 Glock ...full size model? How many rounds did the magazine hold? How was the recoil compared to the P225?
  14. CamuMahubah

    SIG P225

    A zombag is a zambee is a zombie... Yah you get the idea...
  15. This link sums up the M24/47... http://www.milsurps.com/content.php?r=390-1947-Model-24-47-Rifle-(Mfg-by-Preduzece-Crvena-Zastava)
  16. Have you seen this...kinda neat...but I don't see the need. http://www.mauser.net/firearms/rifles/mauser-rifles/m63tanker/ If I wanted a compact rifle it would be the Ruger Compact in .338 RCM.
  17. Right now I've got the bore soaking in Ballistol. I always use Windex after shooting the corrosive then I use a generous amount of Ballistol in the bore and whap it out with a rubber lined cable pulling a clean patch through until it comes out almost white. I decided this AM to do another Ballistol soak to see if I can shine up the bore a bit. I usually only use patches and the barrel has only seen the brush less than ten pulls. I can finally see that the front sight is crooked and I've got to find a way of straightening it without breaking it. That would prolly be why it shoots so wierd. I know it is supposed to shoot high and it does but the shots are always at 3 o'clock high when I aim 7 o'clock low so I'll get it figured out this Spring. I don't know if I wanna keep shooting this gun or just keep it and look at it once in awhile... I know Mitchell's Mauser are not really the authentic pieces that he claims them to be but I sure wouldn't mind having one for milshoots. I seen one of his 24/47's for $599 and the wood was absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely stunning rifle! I think if I could save up for one of those and it proved accurate I would have my competition gun. I'd rather just sit on my original and slowly restore it without changing anything. Not really a restoration but get all the cosmo off it and keep the barrel nice. I've gotten most of the visible cosmo off but on a hot day the stock oozes...
  18. http://espolson.com/surplus-firearms/m2447/
  19. Yugo M24/47 7.92x57mm JS aka 8mm Mauser Sorry the pics are blurry. Had to use the wifey's BlackBerry as my camera died but here she is! This is my first rifle. There are many like her but this one is MINE! LMAO I've really enjoyed this gun so far. And ummm...shoots pretty good...the other day I ranked fourth outta ten Mausers and all I had to do was adjust the rear sight. Fire a practice/spotting shot. Aim a lil bit to the left because of the wind and squeeze gently on the wonderful two stage trigger until she went bang and the gong went GLANG! About a second later... It was awesome and I threw in a pic with the AR beside the Mauser so you would have an idea of size. I wish I knew more about the history of the M24/47 but it's a bit cloudy to say the least and maybe Ill add what little I know about the M24/47 later. I just wanted to get the pics up finally.
  20. Haha yah mine too Pabs! I'm going to go see if I can find a Western on Netflix. Any recommendations?
  21. Wondering if that Bisley grip is an improvement, what? Carry on...
  22. CamuMahubah

    SIG P225

    That's not really bad for your first outing...you should at least be minute of zombag your first outing and that you were my friend! How do you like the Ballistol?
  23. That's a nice lookin' gun! And that is good shootin' for twenty yards! The grips sure are pretty!
  24. Nice Nice! Barry you are a true firearms aficionado and I appreciate posts of this type. It's nice reading about them as I myself enjoy the superb fit and finish of a fine firearm. However my funds for such things are severely limited currently... Do enjoy reading about them though. Those Swiss are a really neat bunch. Exacto superbo neato bunch I do say! Excellent engineering is something you often pay for in spades as in the case of the P210. It is why I paid an extra hundred bucks to buy a Mauser when I could have settled for a Mosin-Nagant. There is just something about the way the Mauser action works compared to other actions from that time period. Maybe comparing the Mauser to the P210 is a bad example but what I'm trying to say is I get what you are saying about fit and finish and design. I'm sorta new to shooting and firearms in general but I get what you are going on about. Really nice! Gorgeous too! Gorgeous is as gorgeous does though for sure... I bet if you blindfolded some 1911 fruity drink drinkers and let them hold this gun and work the action...yah I bet they'd rip the blindfold off and find themselves speechless. And then tell them that it was an issued piece....
  25. Thanks Barry and G. When I find out more I will make a new thread. I don't wanna steal Pabs thread. And Pabs...the pics?
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