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S&W/Lipsey’s Ultimate Carry Line


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Alternate title: S&W Tries to Match the Kimber K6s

Pretty neat. Some much-needed improvements. 

Centennial models.  Enclosed hammer.
.38 Spl, and the return of .32 H&R Magnum.  No, not .327 Fed.  They wanted to avoid Scandium to keep costs from going crazy.

Steel and alum alloy frame variants. 642, 442, 632, 432.

Useable sights!  Pinned-in XS (small) dot front sight with tritium insert and green outline, and a dovetailed rear sight that’s Novak shaped with a wide .160” U-notch.  These sights are regulated for 125/130/135 grain +P ammo rather than 158 as in the past.

Action modification for a better trigger pull. A quick view in the video looks like the mainspring assembly might be arranged at a different angle.

New grips from VZ.  If you look at the Centennial frame, you’ll see the backstrap comes up higher on them than on a regular J-frame.  These grips come up higher to match, so you get a wider surface up high where it hits the web of the hand in recoil.

MSRP $759.

Availability late February this year.

Per a Lipsey’s rep, this will NOT be a limited edition.  However, they have reserved production blocks of 1,000 of each model, so they may be available in cycles rather than there being a steady flow of them.  

I don’t see any negatives here except maybe they don’t cost $150.  I’m a long-time carrier of the 442, and I would like every one of these changes to both of mine.  

The potentially even better news is that a Lipsey’s rep posted on the web yesterday that they are planning similarly upgraded K-frames.  The bad news is, due to S&W’s schedule, this would take until about this time next year.  

A K-frame Centennial might be too much to hope for, but I can imagine a few current and recent production K-frames I’d like to see with these changes. Model 13 and 65 with 3” barrel. Model 64 snub.  Even the old Model 10 would be a much better gun with this treatment.

My dream though, would be the Model 12 with the Ultimate Carry treatment. That’s the aluminum alloy frame K.  

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