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Which 9mm Pistol?

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A friend called me last night and told me he wants a new 9mm.


It's just going to be a "fun gun"

Not for carry

Full size

Polymer or metal, doesn't matter.

Wants something in the Glock price range, not Sig or H&K price range.

Already has a Sig P220 in .45 and loves it but wants something different.

Already has a Glock 22 and loves it but wants something different.

His thoughts:

Walther PPQ?

S&W M&P with an Apex trigger kit?

My thoughts:

CZ 75 or variant? (I like the P-01)

Your thoughts?

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I'd go with either an M&P or CZ75, using what fits his hand best and which he prefers weight/balance-wise since they have different frame materials (except on CZ polymer variants). I've had both but would prefer the CZ for the grip shape and for the SA trigger option since that's what I carry, but if those things either don't matter or work the opposite way for him, I think one would be just as good as the other.

Another option: A friend got an ex-Israeli Browning HiPower earlier this year. It is an FN gun, not an Argentine or other copy. It was basically brand new. He paid somewhere in the mid-300 range for it.

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Also consider the CZ 85 Combat: same frame as the standard 75-B but without firing pin block / with adj. sight, drop free mag, overtravel adj. on the trigger. It has a smoother SA and DA trigger pull. The CZ 75-SP01 Phantom is another option to check. It is a polymer gun. For a few more dollars the standard CZ 75 - SP01 Shadow would be the next step up. Cannot help with information on the Walther or S&W models mentioned, never had either one.


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I just picked up a pair of Beretta 92SF's and love them. I added factory Beretta wooden grips to both of them and they shoot great. I bought 2 because I already bought a new one and then a PPT came about for a NIB 92SF for $400. It was cheap because it had those evil 15 round magazines that couldn't be sold with the gun. It was unfired and originally purchased in 1987. Fun guns to shoot and are very accurate with AE & WWB ammo. Something to think about..

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I was recently looking at the Kimber Stainless II 1991 which is available in 9mm. Looks nice but lists around $1K.

My research as of recent has pointed me in the direction of the CZ 75 (or SP-01) variant. I haven't read a bad thing about it. Frankly, it sounds legendary. I'm interested in it an their "Kadet" 22 LR conversion which I've heard is a great for low-cost plinking and practice.

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The last conversation we had he's looking into a CZ-85. I shoot an M&P 40 so he's decided that might be off the list because it wouldn't be different from both our collections.

He lives in a remote area so shopping several gun shops for used equipment is difficult and firearm purchases over the internet are difficult in this great state. Anything used is probably not going to happen.

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