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  1. RebinPA

    carry pistol

    I use a Polish P-83 in 9mm Makarov.
  2. I use the Winchester Magnum 11's on that stuff.
  3. RebinPA

    Which 9mm Pistol?

    I'll be going with a Zastava M70A (Tokarev style) in 9mm.
  4. That will have a huge impact on muzzle-loading.
  5. I've recently acquired a Romanian TTC (Tokarev) in the original 7.62 x 25 round. It is quite possibly, the best semi-auto I've ever fired. Also likely the most accurate handgun I've used at 50 yards ever. I'm leaving it just the way it is.
  6. I'll revisit this with an update. I've acquired one of these M24/47's from J&G and it performs far better than my German K98K in just about every way with the same ammo. Aim is true, less misfires, less weight, and much less kick. A definite winner.
  7. My 1st choice would be Marlin Model 60. I'm currently using a Remmington 597 and liking it.
  8. I did a little spot-weld on the barrel band ('38 Tula) and no problems since. 15/15 in a 8 inch ring offhand freestanding with old surplus ammo. Also far less sting then my 8mm Mauser.
  9. I haven't crossed the K's off the "list", but would like to use my M95 more and they are still super-cheap. I'm thinking of finding someone to rebarrel/rechamber one to use 7.62X54R. I did a test fit in the clips and feed/extract and had no problems at all. Mine's one of the cut-down long rifles- M95/34
  10. I'd thought about getting a K-11 or even K-31, but passed due to price and possible reliability issues. It takes time to give the Rubins that extra "smack" many seem to recommend. May still get one eventually... Of my "turn-bolt" action rifles, I'd say my M24/47 is faster than my K98 or Mosin.
  11. Except for a loose front barrel band, I've been happy with my '38 Tula. At some point, I'll grab at least one more and a Chi-com Type-53 model as well.
  12. I've never had a problem with Traditions pieces in terms of functionality. The looks of some were a bit gaudy though.
  13. Just got 2 for the collection: a 1938 Tula round receiver and a rough wartime finish 1943 Isvesk. Might get another random couple just for shooting/parts.
  14. Interesting... Wouldn't that stress the mainspring in a different way and possible break it? I'd have to be sure of replacement parts before trying that.
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