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  1. Just something different. Not needed IMO but to each their own. I like my 10/22 takedown rifle. Take care, bill
  2. Yeah a one round mag would be useless. Mine came with one of the excellent BX-25 as the only mag. I've tried a few of the other after market magazines and while everything works well, the Ruger branded ones do load easier and insert/remove better than anything else. I have found that the Ruger branded clear 10 rounds do go in a little tight. They are slightly wider than the black ones.
  3. Just got one of these and I have to say LOVE IT! Decided on the Davidsons edition as it was threaded and liked the fiber optic sights. (though my old eyes are having problems with ANY close sights these days) Also Ruger got their 25 round magazine done right!
  4. I've found Clays (and Clays Universal) to be a *little* cleaner but I suspect that its the lube from the lead causing some of your soot like Barry said. Bill
  5. Bummer on the PAL. Figured it was something like that. Interesting. While the only .22lr rifles that have detachable mags are the Savage and Ruger 10/22. I've felt the mags are not that bad on the Savage? I've got a Marlin 22MAG and IMO the mag is worst on it. But I love the tube fed rifles. Nice and smooth and nothing to lose. (except the plunger...<grin>) Love rimfire weapons. Started with them many decades ago and will end up prob never getting rid of any of them. Take care
  6. Wow those sure shot up in price. I've got one that I bought for $119 a few years ago. Its the blued model which I put on a 4x32 Bushnell on it. VERY nice weapon. My wife loves it along with her Marlin 981T. What is a PAL? Enjoy!
  7. Oh trust me, there are some states here that would LOVE to have the same "rights" as you folks have up there. There is a reason why I live where I do. Walk in and get what you want (if they have it) unless its fully auto or suppressed. Even with those just pay more and wait a little if interested. Carry around is legal with the CCW. Most states allow you to do so with the same permit. You will hear that any savings you get with reloading you'll spend shooting more. Well then I am saving something since I get to do more with the same $$. And it has the fun factor of dialing in the loads for the mission. You'll never look at a shooting range the same way. Finding brass has a new meaning... Take care, Bill
  8. Welcome Chris! While it is true you guys can have weapons its nothing like we have in America but folks do know the differences. Glad to see you getting into reloading. I sure LOVE doing it! (plus its the only way to be able to shoot due to cost and having the components) Be safe! Bill
  9. I've got both a Goldenboy and Hr001 in .22lr. The HR001 shoots really for to the right but I've scoped it so all is okay (I should send it back for them to fix) The Goldenboy is a real nice rifle. Both have great actions, very accurate and I'd buy them again. Never had a failure with either. Also have one of their Pump action .22lr which is fun. Take care, Bill PS: I've notified the Mods to place this in the rimfire area.
  10. I agree. More weapons are worn out from over cleaning (esp .22LR IMO) than shooting. I clean a weapon after firing with q-tips and cloths and a little cleaner after every outing. Then I clean/wipe the finish off with a rag, then use a silicone cloth (if blued) and put it back in a sock. When I clean the bore, I try to get from the chamber end if possible with a brush, then a few patches till they come out semi clean then a lightly oiled patch and call it a day. Place a little oil/grease where needed depending on the weapon. Works for me for decades. Take care, Bill
  11. Hope everyone has a safe year!
  12. Love the Springfield XD 9mm. Both the normal size and the 5 inch model. Normally you can get one with 2 mags and Springfield has their 3 mag rebate around Oct-Nov but don't know about this year. M&P are great. So is the SR9C from Ruger. Bill
  13. Welcome! Love the lever actions too! Spent many a round down range with my Marlins, Henrys and Brownings. Take care, Bill
  14. (Always late to the party) Good advice! One thing I would like to add, don't use a trigger lock if possible. We have seen many ADs due to them. If you want to lock up a weapon with out a case/safe then lock the action. Trigger locks are NOT (IMO) safe.. Esp in a semi-auto. Bill
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