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  1. The NASA Dryden Flight Research Center At Edwards Air Force Base was renamed Armstrong Flight Research Center to honor the work he did there for much of his life.
  2. Some day I've got to go! You can't stop "WING ATTACK PLAN R" as it is a last resort. That guy in the last photo is sort of famous.
  3. When cleaning a bore do you work until the patch comes out spotless white or is a little bit of discoloration good enough?
  4. I haven't seen Clearidge before. Have you looked at Mueller or Vortex?
  5. Sounds like it needs some warranty work.
  6. Tom

    Which 9mm Pistol?

    The last conversation we had he's looking into a CZ-85. I shoot an M&P 40 so he's decided that might be off the list because it wouldn't be different from both our collections. He lives in a remote area so shopping several gun shops for used equipment is difficult and firearm purchases over the internet are difficult in this great state. Anything used is probably not going to happen.
  7. Tom

    Which 9mm Pistol?

    A friend called me last night and told me he wants a new 9mm. Criteria: It's just going to be a "fun gun" Not for carry Full size Polymer or metal, doesn't matter. Wants something in the Glock price range, not Sig or H&K price range. Already has a Sig P220 in .45 and loves it but wants something different. Already has a Glock 22 and loves it but wants something different. His thoughts: Walther PPQ? S&W M&P with an Apex trigger kit? My thoughts: CZ 75 or variant? (I like the P-01) Your thoughts?
  8. I have always wondered about a primer going off while using a hand primer. I have a Hornady hand primer and it has no separation between the primer being seated and the others except that the primer is moved away (maybe 3/8") from the others when it is pushed by the ram up to the case. I now use the primer tube that fits onto my press. It does as you described; plucks a primer from the tube then presses it into the case completely separated from the others.
  9. I don't care for the way it looks, I just thought it was interesting. I like plastic and aluminum on ARs. In fact I really like the way the smooth (non-tactical) aluminum full float barrel shrouds look. They refer to 8620 steel as "carbon steel" but it really isn't. 8620 steel is low carbon, mild steel that is easy to machine and case hardens easily.
  10. Steel and Wood AR-15 http://www.turnbullmfg.com/store.asp?pid=37491&catid=19872 With case hardening! http://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/steel-wo...turing-company/
  11. If you keep posting great stuff like this I might be coming to your house...
  12. That's unfortunate. It seemed like he was very active. I was hoping to see him perform someday. I guess now he and Herb Parsons are showing off for St. Peter. Edit: After reading a bit more, he was retired and suffered from lung aliment.
  13. Very unfortunate. Here is a press release http://militarytimes.com/blogs/gearscout/2013/01/05/john-noveske/
  14. Tom

    Pablo OD's

    You're soooo tacti-cool!
  15. I think the Zombie thing is overdone but I kind of like the fact that there is something different in gun world marketing. Their marketing has been the same formula for a long time.
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