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  1. I did not see a centerfire ammunition forum so I placed this here--if in wrong forum, please move it. Has anyone tried the aforementioned in an AR-15? This is the brass cased, boxer primed (and crimped) ammo. I see it available fairly cheap and thought I may try some for target practice with my boys. Anyone have any feedback?
  2. I have had a .260 since Remington standardized it and I love it for target shooting and I have hunted with it too. I am big fan of short actions (in fact, I own no long actions) and the .260 seemed like something that I had to have to fill the gap between .243 and .308. This one will be interesting to see how it fares in the sea of calibers that are available these days.
  3. Looking for thoughts on the best value for the money for a set of 30MM rings and base (picatinny style) that fits a SA Remington 700 VSSF (.308 Winchester). My other 700s have Ken Farrell CNC steel bases and rings--exceptional quality but a price that goes with them (about $285 for the set). Anyone use any other brands that are of good quality and with better prices? I am not opposed to using aluminum provided that it is good quality, but weight is not an issue as this is a varmint rifle shot from a bench. Thanks for your thoughts and insights!
  4. 2010_FX4

    Which 9mm Pistol?

    The Walther PPX in 9MM is a nice one (so is the P99, but they are elusive these days). THe PPX is about $490 from Bud's Gun Shop. The FN FNX in 9MM is also a nice one. There are several that would fit the bill.
  5. Thanks Barry. I was actually thinking of having it redone (refinish the wood and re-blue it). But, if done by anyone other than Winchester would likely reduce the value (not that I would sell it at any point--this was my Dad's shotgun he bought brand new way back in the day). So I am a bit undecided...
  6. Gents, I inherited one of these and it no longer fires (some issue in the trigger group I think). I had wanted to send it to Winchester to have it repaired and "refreshed", but I see that Winchester has (more or less) stopped doing this and recommends a few shops. This shotgun is VERY valuable to me in many ways, so I wonder if anyone is aware of a shop that specializes in Winchester Model 25's? TIA!
  7. Gents, I see quite a bit of new brass with small primer pockets instead of the traditional large ones. Is this something like the PPC cartridge where more efficiency is gained by using small primers or was this a "supply and demand" change due to the lack of primers so there is more versatility? Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. I have been thinking about buying a FNX or a HK in .45ACP lately and was messing around on Gunbroker and found a OFB in BIN format for $120 (shipping included). Not as good as the prices were a few years ago, but for large primer, all one brand brass, I thought it was pretty good. Anybody finding any deals out there?
  9. I use Lapua 6MM BR brass, but I did not realize that Remington was going to stop making 7MM BR stuff. They keep flip-flopping; they stopped 22BR and started 6MM BR and 7MM BR, then dropped the 6MM BR. I hate to see the 7MM BR stuff go; perhaps I should grab some, but the Lapua is far and away higher quality stuff over the Remington.
  10. What do you see that is close to it? I think the BR cases are larger than this one and the PPCs are blown out .220 Russian cases. The 5.45x39 is a twin or it partially based on it, but no brass cases. What else is out there in .224 that does not require a bunch of fireforming?
  11. I like to play with somewhat obscure cartridges and have been thinking for quite sometime about using a .220 Russian as a varmint round (mostly prairie dogs). Although I realize there are other .224 caliber rounds that are much more common (and I own most of them) I like to play with less than mainstream rounds. The only problem that I see is lack of availability of reloading tools--specifically dies. I use Hornady (love the carbide button) and Redding bushing dies (with nitride bushings) for all of my other rounds. RCBS makes a set for .220 Russian and I could get the Hornady .224 carbide button conversion kit, but I have never been a huge fan of RCBS dies. With all of that said, what are your thoughts about the viability of the .220 Russian as a varmint round?
  12. I agree with you about the .17 Remington; I took it out on a couple of hunts, but have also since lost interest in it. It is a bit too much trouble in the field, cleaning, etc. I have a couple of Contenders; a 30 TC and a 7MM BR. But your Mach IV sounds like a blast! If you had some brass to go with that barrel, I might be tempted to try and talk you out of it.
  13. LOL - I forgot about the .17; 4200+FPS in a 26' barrel. I had to make one because there were none available. I was shooting 20 grain bullets that made the prairie dogs go *poof*. The wind does push them around a little bit though, but zero recoil. I have always wanted to shoot a .17 Fireball, now that would have to be a blast.
  14. ^^^ this! If memory serves, I did not receive my 2002 model until July of 2003. I think the thing that saved me from shooting it was all of the others that I have. My 6MM BR is a blast to shoot, but does have a little more recoil than I would like. However, it is less than the .220 Swift that it once was. It has a laminated stock and a heavy barrel; it is my favorite, but I still love those .223 and .221 rounds!
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