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  1. I've spoken with shooters that were competing at Camp Perry back to the early 1960's and a lot of them are disgusted with the way the NRA, over the years, has been handling the matches at Camp Perry. The turn out for the HP matches has really dropped off. Metallic Silhouette Rifle Competition is fading. I don't know. Seems like everyone just wants to play video games now a days.
  2. I have not looked at Hodgdon Powder for a while and did not know they had this new powder out. For 308 Win I've only used: Win 748, IMR 4064 and H4895. If it could be used for reloading 308 Win, Hodgdon would have listed it. You are in uncharted territory.
  3. A couple of guys at the PA Dear Camp use Win 88's. But they are in 308 Winchester. One of the guy's has a .284 but does not shoot it. Just saving it for his collection of 88"s. I use a Savage 99. nuff said, xtell
  4. HaHaHaHa!!!! Just could not stop thinking about it... Kept rolling around in your mind day after day. Tried to think of other things but, well, the thought just kept coming back... Those 69 Revolvers are real, real nice. I have a passion for the S&W 586 Revolvers. First time I shot one and looked at the target I was amazed at the accuracy. And to top it off, I was using my uncles 38 Special reloads from probably the early 1950's. Trigger break is perfect, great guns. I look forward to your review.
  5. Wayne, How is the new V3 shotgun? Pros/Cons?
  6. This is a great option to offer. I bet a lot of other scope manufacturers will jump on the bandwagon and offer their own version of the turrets. It has been a while since I have looked at what the scope manufacturers have been putting out. It's amazing how many different reticle options are being made available and most of them are so complicated. I looked at a Nightforce Reticle and it had (16) different subtension measurements. Then there is the Horus,MOAR, etc. reticles. Maybe I'm showing my age but I think a lot of today's reticles for long range shooting are to "busy".
  7. Wayne, I'd would need to bring along a portable defibrillator to jump start my heart once I walked in there. Wonder if this could go the way of Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas with outlets opening around the country.
  8. Yea, I prefer grips, without finger groves, on pistols and revolvers. I once shot a revolver with Hogue hardwood grips with finger groves and really did not like the way the recoil felt. Pistols like Glock's feel weird, but a first generation Glock, without finger groves, I once shot felt good. I don't know, maybe the bones in my hands are weird but with a smooth grip I have no problems.
  9. BarryinIN I use a CZ 452 Training Rifle for 3-position CMP Rimfire Sporter competition. In my limited shooting experience, it has the best open sights / stock configuration of any gun I have ever used for target shooting without a scope. How is the accuracy of your 455FS? My best groups come with Wolf MT, SK Standard Plus and RWS Target Rifle. With a sling it is rock solid in seated, prone position and the stock comes up perfect for standing position. Wonder what happened to the Hood on your rifle?
  10. Pablo, That is a great grip on that gun. I'm just throwing this out there, but wondering if you have ever held a S & W 586 how does the Colt grip compare to that?
  11. I've been really surprised by how many suppressed rifles are showing up at the public shooting ranges I go to. Here in Ohio, last spring the laws changed to allow suppressors and people are showing an great interest in them.
  12. RichR, I used IMR 4831 a bit for 140-160 grain bullets, but once I tried H-1000 that was what my rifle liked.
  13. RichR, What powder do you have best luck with? I'll have to try a box of the bullets you mentioned.
  14. I started long range shooting (7mm Remington Mag) the last couple of years so I do not have a lot of experience but so far this is what I have had good luck with I've used: Burger 168 grain VLD bullets, Nosler 168 grain Custom Competition HPBT bullets and Sierra 175 grain HPBT MatchKing bullets and Hodgdon H-1000 powder with Federal 215 primers. My rifle has a 1 - 9.5 twist rate. I've shot bullet weights of 150 grains (Nosler Ballistic Tips, Sierra HPBT) out to 500 yards with good success but over 500 yds I've had better luck with 168+ grain bullets. Next on my list to try is the 180+ grain bullets. How do you like that Rotumbo powder? I know that it is a little slower than H-1000. I tried IMR 4831 powder, IMR 7828 powder and Reloader 22 powder but they did not work very well in my rifle
  15. Winchester Featherweight in .308 Win. Great rifle for the Hunting I do in the woods of PA. The other is my Weatherby Eurosport in 7mm Remington Mag.
  16. Wayne, I'll be interested to see how the new flat trigger works for you. I was shooting a Glock-17 for some time and then switched over to a CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target. The Glock trigger always had a weird feel to me with that trigger safety mounted in the middle of the trigger. When I shot it my trigger finger would hurt / go numb. I know that sounds kind of strange but it did happen to me.I see the M&P has that same trigger set up. Does the trigger feel OK to you when you shoot the pistol versus a solid faced trigger like on a 1911, etc?
  17. Seems like most of my guns are either not produced anymore or are from companies that are pending closing or have closed: Savage 99 - Lefever shotgun, Parker shotgun, American (Saco Defence Company) made Weatherby, Early Colt pistols and revolvers. Winchester rifle and shotgun. Then again, I still drive a Pontiac and all the other models of vehicles I own are no longer produced. Life goes on. Its just too bad that these long standing gun companies cannot figure out how to stay in business, especially in the current climate of continued high gun sales. What does Glock do that Colt cannot figure out how to do?
  18. I see that Dave Sevigny is shooting FN guns. I like the looks of the FNS-9 Longslide. I've handled one at a gun store by never fired one.
  19. BarryinIN Ohio is allowing rifles firing any caliber of straight wall cartridges for deer hunting starting this year. Needless to say, that has increased the price of a lot of lever guns to way over market value. One of my friends is jumping to use his 45/70 Marlin. Yet, like you mentioned for varmint hunting in your state, in Ohio we can use any rifle caliber for varmint hunting. That just does not make sense to me. I wonder if in the near future the CMP will allow suppressed .22 rimfire rifles in the CMP Sporter Rifle Categories? I still just like practicing and competing with a rifle with open sights or aperture sights and a sling.
  20. Wayne, Everything looks and works good. Nuff said, xtell
  21. BarryinIN, As of March 23, 2015, in Ohio it is now legal to hunt with guns fitted with a suppressor. You have to go to the local sheriffs office, fill out a suppressor application form for a background check, get a signature on the form by an official at the sheriffs office, the form is then sent to the BATFE for approval based on the results of your background check. You also have to pay $200 for a tax stamp for each suppressor you want to buy. Then you can contact the suppressor manufacturer / dealer and buy the suppressor with your approval documentation. For now, I'm not interested in them as they are not allowed in any target shooting matches I attend but I would like to at least hear for myself how a rifle like a .308 Win or a 7mm Remington Mag would sound with one attached.
  22. Wayne, I saw one a few years back that a guy was shooting at the range. It was a 22 revolver. He said it was reliable and accurate on close up targets. That's about all I can remember about the revolver.
  23. Picture of the 1st fired shell case - would this be an indicator of an over sized chamber / over sized reamed?
  24. For some reason the Alliant powders are always in good supply around here, and that is not just with one outdoor store. Like you, I never see Ramshot powders. I always wanted to try some VihtaVouri N320 in my 9mm loads but over the years have never seen any for sale. I have no problems with the other powers I use for 9mm but I always read about how great it is for 9mm Luger target loads.
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