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  1. But it's coming back quickly! Haven't reloaded in going on 10 years for various reasons. This forum and couple other things have re-kindled my interest in shooting and a safe full of fine firearms. Naturally when brass begins to pile up, I can hear it screaming "LOAD ME! LOAD ME!!" So, yesterday I hitched up the old RCBS Piggy Back and started dumping 4.5 grains of Red Dot, Winchester WLP primers, and a 200gr flat point lead bullet into 45ACP cases. Makes a really mild load, and when I've used up the 4-500 of those bullets I have on hand, all I'll have to do is substitute 230gr RNL bullets with no other changes, got a thousand or so of them! How many rounds do yall suppose will be necessary to remove an old stump from the back yard now? Bob
  2. Any attempt with fully loaded cartridges would scare me to death! Remove die, raise cartridge, use pliers/vice grips to pull bullets. Salvage powder and throw everything else away. Cost of education! Bob
  3. When you go to a small town gun show and realize you have more guns than are displayed there,,,that's almost enough! Bob
  4. I've used lead in 45ACP and 38super for years. Gotta keep velocity down to minimize leading, and lube creates a bit of smoke. 'Course this was all in 1911's, Glock and I think H&K say no. Bob
  5. See the Stephen Hunter interview in this months American Rifleman. The movie version (Shooter) of his book is one of the most gun correct yet. Bob
  6. http://www.hi-desertdog.com/index.php No personal experience, but they're sponsors at a site I visit a lot and seem well liked. Bob
  7. I've mentioned these folks before for components, but they also turn out some really high-quality remanufactured ammo using resized, mixed brass with plated, jacketed, or lead bullets. They load on commercial in-line machinery (not the go-round presses like Dillon, etc.) I'd use it for most anything except in a self defense situation, and then only because of liability issues. http://www.blue-star-inc.com/ Bob
  8. Most tightwads only leak after they get really old,,,then it's more of an after dribble Bob
  9. Want to get down to Bald Knob AR (only about an hours drive) to Choate's business location to see if I can get a hands on look at their varmit or tatical stock (best I can tell by their website the only difference is the color) for Savage left hand 110 bolt action rifles. Also, Bald Knob is home of one of the finest Cajun restrants north of Louisiana's Bayou Country! "Who Dat's" Bob
  10. OLD NEWS Check it out on the ILA's website. http://www.nraila.org/Legislation/Federal/read.aspx?id=4329 Posted Jan 09 No sponsors. This one's dead as Bill & Hillary's love life. Bob
  11. Too high, but can be had with a factory threaded bbl. is the CZ 452. Just a bit of tweaking on the trigger, and it'll shoot with Coopers and make Annies nervous. Bob
  12. May have to grudgingly admit that you can turn a sows ear into a silk purse! Bob
  13. On Wayne's 223 brass thread, I posted a link to Blue Star Cartridge and Brass. If I remember correctly, they said they had primers in stock (to ship) when I was looking at their site. Bob
  14. Arkie_Lefty

    Pole Dance

    http://s101.photobucket.com/albums/m67/shelbyfan/?action=view&current=poledance.flv Bob
  15. Last year there was an absolutely beautiful Ruger #1 (or #3 don't remember)7.62X39 stainless with laminated stock at a local gun show. only ONE reason it didn't come home with me,,,,,,$$$$$$!! While most SKS's and AR copies aren't very accurate(Wife's Mini 30 is suprisingly so), I can't imagine that little round not being inherently accurate, it's what the PPC rounds have for ancestors after all. SC doesn't allow .223 for deer? Or you don't feel comfortable with it? LOTS of Arkie deer have had a terminal case of it! Most every Vietnam vet I know use it with excellent results. I've loaded .223 with Speer's 60 grain spire point for several fellows who've had excellent results. Bob
  16. I'd probably find that one of interest also. Bob
  17. Am I seeing that correctly, 3"X4" group @ 40yds? Bob
  18. Had the privilege of looking through a Schmitt&Bender the other day. Had a German #1 with a sharp point on the upright. It would be superb on moving game, or low light, and the owner (guy has over a thousand guns, consults for Hornady!) says it's amazingly accurate using the pointy upright. Just didn't know what to call it. Bob
  19. Anyone know of a site where reticle patterns can be compared, identified? Bob
  20. REALLY! Haven't looked in a while. A set of those in '06 may be second on my "want" list. Bob
  21. Saw 'em here. Great prices for Leupold product. http://www.opticsplanet.com/s/redfield/ Bob
  22. California,, a good place to be from. Tennessee , south enough to be a good place to be. Oklahoma? At least you should have good roots! Bob
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