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  1. Going to Jonesboro AR today. I'm going to be looking for a mainspring housing and related parts for the Sringfield Armory 45 I bought a few weeks ago. Also wood grips for the Colt Diamondback purchased in Little Rock show two weeks ago. Possibly some .356 bullets to use in 38 Super reloads. Course, a real steal in another gun would be hard to pass up, but I don't have any pressing desires for anything specific at the moment. Bob
  2. is that the Russian made single shot? Pictures of the gun? Bob
  3. I think he farms those out for painting instead of dipping. Check this page; http://www.camo-solutions.com/custom_dipped_guns.htm Guys at Rimfire Central were giving me grief over plate looking like some sort of "burn victim"! Oh well, we'll see what the finished project looks like. Bob
  4. Not too up on Ruger. Is that before or after CRF? Bob
  5. Just an old fhart who's perfectly content with both 45ACP and 223/5.56. Trow in an '06 for bigger long distance, and what more honestly could you need? Other than a scattergun, obviously! Bob
  6. And the 204Ruger. Bob
  7. Arkie_Lefty


    Bought 350 pcs of once fired RP 45acp brass at gunshow last weekend. Been loading mostly with 230rnl, but also bought 200 copper plated rnl and loaded them. There were several 40's mixed in, normally stuck inside a 45 with media. One that I didn't notice till I started it into resize die was a 45GAP ! Had never seen or heard tell of such before, so did a Wiki search to discover it's a Glock proprietary. It's a shortened (by approx 20 thousandths)45ACP supposed to have same terminal balistics by loading to higher pressures. Talk about an answer to an unnecessary question!! Bob
  8. Obviously She's discovered Burger King! Bob
  9. I bedded the action and am now waiting to get the stock back from here; http://www.camo-solutions.com/camo_patterns.htm If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page you'll find the "carbon Fiber" finish I'm having applied. This guy is about 20 miles north of me and is a great individual. He went to Sweden to view the system he's using, then spent a couple weeks in Florida learning how to use it. Invested $100,000. plus. But his business is going well and he's probably another week from having my stock done. Action, bbl, and 4x Burris scope will be stainless color with black rings mounted in CF finish stock. Never seen one like it, getting anxious to lay eyes on it! Bob
  10. Been tinkering with a Ruger 10-22 for a year now, had a regular black anondized frame bead-blasted, then installed a O. E. Ruger stainless bbl. and Timmeney trigger. Having a local specialty shop applying a dipped finish in carbon fiber pattern (they usually do cammo). Anyhow, the only thing I'm ready to show pics of is the butplate I had coated at the local truck-bed lining place. When installed on carbon fiber look I think it's gonna be too sharp! Bob
  11. Ran another 200 rounds through her this afternoon. Ran just like $#!+ through a goose! Getting used to them tiny sights, if I shoot one of my other 1911's tomorrow it may look like it's got magnified sights! G-MAN,, you're pickin' on me fer stealing your thread title Bob
  12. Probably just the slide for a decent set of sights. That What Them Is?? Had no idea what kind of wood, but they are attractive, least enough to catch my eye at a LARGE show. Bob
  13. Refering to Bill Clinton taking office! Was doing a bit of an inventory this morning, after several years of lapsed interest in shooting and reloading. Seems I've got most of an 8lb keg each of Herco, Red Dot, and Unique, two 5lb containers of military surplus ball powder originally made for 30-06 (no telling how old that stuff is, but it still looks, smells good) Limited load data, but as long as I know how much to stuff under a 150gr bullet in an '06 case that's really all the info I need! Other bits and pieces of powder, but nothing else in bulk. Now, I need more primers and bullets. Plenty of brass, most loaded, but I know how to fix that! Bob
  14. At last weeks gun show in Little Rock. Went planning to get a 38 Super and came home with a Rock Island Armory version. These are built in the Philippines. Has a really good out-of-box trigger, slide to frame fit is good, has a nice matte black finish, and decent looking wood grips. Sights are my only complaint, as they are genuine mil-spec tiny little things (though they do make me really slow down and pack em pretty tightly if attempting accuracy). Accuracy is supprisingly good if I do take the time to align them itty-bitty sights! Put 200+ rounds thru it Sunday eve with one failure to go in battery on last round of second mag (came with 1 Shooting Star 10rnd mag), a Colt brand 9 rounder. Otherwise was perfectly flawless. Plan to shoot more this weekend. The weekend before I'd bought a Springfield Armory 45 that are now being built in Brazil. Because of fit, finish, trigger, accuracy, I wouldn't trade the Rock Island Armory for two of the Springfields! Bob
  15. Coulda been worse than a little pig bite! Bob
  16. At work so I don't have any references handy, your reloading manuals (you do have at least 3 or 4 don't you) should give crimp dimension. Bob
  17. Yes, In Little Rock AR. Guy makes all the shows, had one a bit nicer, with Colt wood grips, he was asking $1,200 for. Just couldn't bring myself to pay that much since it had a bit of blue wear at muzzle also. He sold it, came up with this one. Though a bit rougher, $750 is a bit more affordable. STILL TOO HIGH!! Bob
  18. Been wanting one of these for a bit. This one is a bit rough around the edges, but mechanically sound. Grips are comfortable, but HORRID looking. Bob
  19. A Wilson Combat marked OWB holster for a 5" 1911 at today's Little Rock Gunshow! http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?pr...tm_campaign=655 Notice Midway's price. Guy had a dozen or so on his table NEW for $37. Story was (everything at a gun show has a story) Wilson had changed manufacturers and refused delivery of last batch. So guy was dumping them to gunshow dealers. Wish I'da bought several now! Bob
  20. Even gets FUBARed when it comes a large snow here! Bob
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