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  1. I ruined an expensive holster once with neatsfoot oil. Oils tend to soften the leather---which you don't want in a holster. I've had good luck with good ole shoe polish over the years.
  2. Trapper: I may give the vinegar/Dawn/warm water a shot. Can I skip the oven and just air dry them?
  3. Didn't even think of Harbor Freight for a tumbler. I'll check it out. I'm not concerned about bright and shiny. Mainly just want to get them clean and get rid of the powder residue inside. A Google search on cleaning cases wasn't helpful. People try all sorts of crazy stuff. The only common response is to avoid products containing ammonia. Was hoping just dumping them in a bucket with some Simple Green or dish soap would work. I suppose that would be too easy.
  4. Just venturing into reloading. Got most of the equipment I need, but not sure I want to invest in a tumbler. Is there a simple method of cleaning brass using common detergents or chemicals? I'm starting out reloading 9mm and .38 special.
  5. I second the P95. Also the Ruger SR-9 is nice and about at your price point new. I'm a big fan of 9mm and Rugers.
  6. Scotty

    Ruger LC9

    I've been after a concealable 9mm for a long time and I might have to add the LC9 to my collection. I've resisted the urge for a PF-9 until this point since I didn't want to take a chance on a Kel-Tec.
  7. Crashbox: I've been looking pretty hard a this same gun. How are the grips? They look a little uncomfortable to me.
  8. Scotty

    Ruger P95

    I've had a P95 for about a year. Put dozens of boxes of assorted ammo through it and had one feed failure using Blazer aluminum case. The gun doesn't seem picky at all and I'm not religious about cleaning it. Not quite a Glock but it's reliable and fires every time. The stainless slide is more resistant to corrosion. Blue is fine with me. A little holster wear adds character. Can't think of a better 9mm for someone on a budget.
  9. I have a 4" Model 28--my first centerfire revolver. Great gun but it's a horse. Not exactly for concealed carry.
  10. My .38 Special LCR is very nice with the Hogue Tamer grip. Switched to the Crimson Trace grips and it's a lot less enjoyable, but still manageable. I can't see an LCR in .357 mag as being very practical. Not for me at least. Even with the extra few ounces it must be a bear to shoot.
  11. G-Man: You'll like that gun. It converted me from autos for CC. I ended up getting Crimson Trace grips after the fact. Big improvement in accuracy, but you suffer more with recoil. Also makes it a little smaller in the pocket. Enjoy.
  12. Bummer about the your Henrys Bill. I hope they make it right. I'll shoot mine this weekend if the weather is nice. I'll let you know. Pop cans full of water and .22 hollowpoints make a good combination too!
  13. I did pick up the Ruger yesterday. Nice gun. I don't plan on any customizing other than adding a sling. While the gun shop guy was packing up the Ruger I noticed a little Henry .22 lever action in the rack. Picked it up and couldn't resist buying it too. What a neat little rifle. I'm more exited about it than the Ruger. Everyone should own at least one lever gun. So much for my tax refund.
  14. I know what you mean. Handled the stainless steel/synthetic stock version and it reminded me of a toy. I'm sure it's functional though. Just not for me. I'm strongly looking at the model with the real walnut stock and blued barrel. $285 new.
  15. Thanks. I'm convinced. I'll be picking up a Ruger this weekend.
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