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  1. Carbide rifle die is really unlikely. Look at a carbide pistol die. It's straight wall, and die only has a small (different looking) carbide insert right at the mouth. A die for tapered wall rifle case would have to be carbide in neck, taper, and base areas, basically all carbide. These can run several hundred dollars, and are usually used only by volume commercial reloaders where removing lube would be unfeasible. For any interested, Dillon case lube is really good and doesn't "poison" powders like conventional petro based lubes do. Bob
  2. Another great place to buy brass and components! These guys are in Searcy AR. I think they have an "in" with the Remington ammo plant in Loneoak AR. Most of what they sell is 1 fired Remington test ammo. http://www.bluestarbrass.com/catalog/ofrbrass.htm The REAL kicker here is, company is run by "PAT GARRETT"!!! Pat's also the sheriff of White County AR. Bob
  3. In that case it's simple enough! RCBS Rock Chucker for rifle, Dillon for everything else! Bob
  4. Crash, that seems a lot of trouble to clean brass, compared to plain old tumbling with media? Have you tried setting that "excessively dirty" fluid aside for a couple weeks to see what it looks like after all the solids settle out? I'm betting it'd just have a stain and still be perfectly useable. Far as use on guns, I'll bet it'd be the cats arse for carbon rings on revolver cylinders. Bob
  5. On my recent trip to Nebraska I was donated a bottle of "Marvel Gun Oil" by Mr. Bob Marvel. It's his personal pick of several compounds in a mineral spirits (kerosene) carrier. A few minutes after use rails appear totally dry. Good for 5,000 plus rounds before re-lube. Bob
  6. What you plan to reload really does enter in here. Pistol, you can achieve much greater accuracy than 99 out of 100 handguns can attain with a progressive. Also greater than 999 out of a thousand shooters can attain. And you'll soon be itching to build ammo quickly. Rifle is a bit different, because other than prarie dog shooting most folks just don't do that much rifle shooting. For practice, hunting, target shooting etc the slower pace, and individual round control of a single stage might be perfectly ok. What are you planning to load for? Bob
  7. Redneck word of the year : "OBAMA" I BOUGHT ME A CASE OF BEER AND DRANK IT OBAMA SELF! Bob
  8. Believe it was Col Wheelen who said "Only accurate rifles are interesting". I've been actively disinterested in Mini 14's for several years! Ironically, my wife's Mini 30 is amazingly accurate for any out-of-the-box semi auto. Under 2 inch 5 shots @100 yards is common. Bob
  9. http://www.scharch.com/products.php?cat=9 Looks like bargain to me. Bob
  10. If you're planning to load for the Mini 14, you should stay close to beginning loads in most manuals. You gotta be $h!ttin' us to begin with, Right? The world's cheapest once fired brass, and you're sweating how many times it'll load? Bob
  11. If you're gonna scope it you should have got the ranch version. Ranch comes with mounts. Regular Mini scope mount is a Rube Goldberg looking affair. The three I've had were all minute of pie plate at 100 yards. That's why I still don't have them. Bob
  12. I DON'T OWN A DILLON! Hindsight is excellent though. Bob
  13. BACK HOME!!! Not too bad a drive, roads all clear. Never had a cop hit me with "instant on" radar, and it's a darn good thing! Valentine detector picks up "full time on" units MILES before they get a reading. Gonna have one of them STI widebody frames if it harelips every cow in Texas! 38super (what I'll get) or 9mm have 36 round capacity! No, of course I don't need it! When did that make any difference? Have a series 80 as new in box Colt that's got to go before that can happen though. 38 Super, also bbl and related parts to convert to 9mm if anyone is interested. Bob
  14. Left home Thurs evening and drove to Crete NE to spend a few days visiting with my nephew who works with Mr. Bob Marvel. Yesterday Joe took me by to meet Mr. Marvel and tour his shop. These guys build some of the finest, most beautiful custom 1911 pistols on the face of this earth. Mr Marvel interrupted his work and spent several hours visiting. He's a very cordial fellow with intellect bordering on pure genius, and a grasp of how mechanical things "work" that most of us will never dream possible. Visited a nearby Cabellas, and have had an excellent visit. NOW if it'll just quit snowing and all the roads clear so I can get back to Arkansas! Bob
  15. Young boy playing with privates as mom gives him his bath; "Mom, are these my brains"? "No son, not till you're about 12."
  16. Original probably designed by a proctologist! Bob
  17. Crash, your only real mistake is the same as mine,SHOULDA BOUGHT DILLON TO BEGIN WITH!] Bob
  18. You mean it's been TEN YEARS since the computers were gonna crash and the civilized world come to an end!!!?? My, how time flies when you're having fun! Bob
  19. Component size is so different, you just can't interchange bullets or brass! Bob
  20. I'm with Steve. Buy a Dillon, get ready to shoot a LOT more, spend some quality time at a reloading bench, instead of your computer, and enjoy! Reloading, after the first initial apprehension, becomes a rewarding hobby all by itself. Bob
  21. Saiga, Personally I'd prefer a more AK like version, but still years ahead of an SKS. Be certain it has the metal scope base mounting attachment already welded to the receiver. Makes base mounting SO much easier. Gave my last SKS to a nephew who killed his first deer with it. Bob
  22. "It's so light that I fully expect it to have some bite to it. But that's OK." Scotty Don't jump to foregone conclusions 'till you've actually shot that little beast! They are excellent carry guns,,as long as you don't plan to actually practice much. A friend who's the most committed gun nut I've ever known plays around with 45/70's experimenting with loads. Builds 1911's from raw parts. His wife wears something on her hip anytime she's working in the yard, flowers, garden, or just sitting on the back deck, shoots copperheads, 'dillers, etc. Between them they kept a LCR less than a month. Loads that were comfortable for much practice were too weak for anything else. Bob
  23. Least favorite? Jammamatic? Not a keepsake, or family heriloom ? When's the next gunshow? Snow? None, 0, nada. Bob
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