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Practically Shooting

What's you favorite handgun defence ammo?


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I worry about the hollow point opening up in real life.

I did an experiment. I have pool that is 4 feet deep. Shot a couple of the 45 hydrashock into the pool. Both were shot out of a commander size gun, so velocity was lower than with full size. They didnt even dent the bottom of the pool.

In WATER they still opened up to about .80 inches and really nasty sharp edges. I don't worry about them opening if they need to be used.

The whole point of using hollow point is to get the bullet to dump its energy into whatever you are shooing, if it goes thru, it takes a good measure of its energy with it. A person goes down because of one or two things when shot. 1. Massive blood loss that shuts the person down. 2. So much energy overwhelms the nervous system and shuts if off like a light.

Variables exist. Drug and alcohol intake can keep someone up even after being shot 30 times. Sheer meanness can too. On the other side if a person believes strong enough any bullet can kill them, a glancing shot with a .22 will do the job.

If you really worry, try a glaser safety slug, its just compressed small shot, guaranteed to open up.


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My reasoning may not be perfect on the subject, but I believe that if the bullet opens up in a low density material such as water, it should, with a high probability, open up in flesh.

I state probability since putting someone down with a handgun is really an iffy business. Empirical studies show that even the best combination of gun, ammo, caliber, and shooting can only do it about 68% of the time for a one shot stop.

Start adding in other variables and the chances of a one shot stop goes way down.

My weapon of choice is a 12 gauge pump with slugs inter-spaced with #8 shot. Its just kinda hard to carry one of those concealed in Texas and not be noticed.


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I stick with ammo that has a proven track record, which means a load that has a body of usage with law enforcement agencies. In my 9mm I carry Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +P JHP. It is the issue load of the New York City Police Department.

In my 40's I use WW Ranger LE 155 gr JHP.

You can usually find statistical information on these loads in studies of law enforcement experience with them, which I find very useful.

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