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  1. I just loaded the Renegade w/90gr of Pyrodex RS. I'll be in my treestand tomorrow am. No luck last year...forgot to mail-in doe permit form....DUH! MAC
  2. It was my everyday carry piece (in a shoulder rig) from '92-'94. I've been a gun owner since '66, and that's the first one I ever sold. Like saying good-bye to an old friend. MAC
  3. A Stevens side by side 20ga. Bought it new in 1973 and still have it.... MAC
  4. I've hunted w/ my Ruger Mini-30 for 20yrs in upstate NY. It has the same action as the Mini-14. I've fired the 14 many times...never a failure and very accurate. I use a Bushnell Sportview 1.5 by 4.5 scope...Perfect for 75yds. It should fit nicely on the 14. Bill
  5. I agree w/ G-Man...needless flash & muzzle blast w/ +P's from a 2" barrel. I bring std 38sp to the range with my 2" Rossi revolver, however I carry Glaser Safety Slugs. There're hot rounds but w/ less muzzle blast than +P's.
  6. Favorite carry...Rossi 2" SS 38sp w/ (5) Glaser Safety Slugs.
  7. I just looked at my paperwork and found that I've had mine for 15yrs and paid $110!
  8. My SKS is from China and it's a great shooter. I take it to the range often. Very accurate and has never failed to cycle.
  9. I was in my local gun shop the other day picking up some cleaning gear and noticed a nice clean muzzleloader in the used rack. When the shop owner told me how much he was asking for it I said ..."wrap it up". That was my xmas gift to me! I'll be sighting it in later this week. I ordered fibre optic sights from Thompson. Does anyone else own a Thompson 50cal Renegade? MAC
  10. If you're good, maybe Santa will bring you one next year.....
  11. No Wayne...The squadron that I was attached to, (Attack Squadron-56),flew from two carriers off the S. Vietnam coast and to the Marine Air Base in Da Nang. I was a plane captain/jet engine mechanic in the Navy. After 4yrs in the Navy (1970), I joined the Army Nat'l Guard and retired a platoon sgt (E-7) in 1999. It's unlikely that I knew anyone from that battalion. MAC
  12. Glad to be here. I came over from the oil forum. Looking foward to checking in daily...Nice job Wayne. I'm interested in target shooting, hunting (rifle,shotgun,muzzleloader) and personal protection. Vietnam Vet...Two tours, 1968-70. 33yrs (RET) MAC
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