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Why does Winchester put small primers in 45ACP?


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I picked up a bunch of 45ACP brass at the range today. Unfortunately, some of my find was the Winchester NT brass that has small pistol primers. mad Really makes for a bad day of reloading when you accidentally run those through your progressive.

I can't think of a good reason why Winchester would do this? It just can't save that much money in component cost, or could it?


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It might just be that a large primer format is not necessary using the ecco priming compound. Maybe the compound in the ecco primers is to hot when used in the large primer format. I believe the flash hole in the ecco cases is larger also. which leads me to believe the preceeding,or a similar variation there of.

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From a purely theoretical standpoint, brass that uses small primers would be slightly stronger than the same brass if it was designed to use large primers.

Looking on the bright side... If you run out of large primers, you will still be able to shoot your .45 with small primers in that brass.

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