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  1. Sent the 28" vent rib barrel, from my 1977, model 500AL, back to Mossberg for a re-blue and porting job. I did not get my barrel back. I got a brand new barrel back along with a set of chokes (3) for it. Seems my rib was loose so they replaced the barrel for me.
  2. Straight walled pistol cartridges shouldn't need much nore than that. If even that. Remember that the pistol rounds index on the case mouth. If you're having problems with bullet set back then your .0005" to .001" should be enough. Although I don't see how you came up with one half thousandths, considering the variations in brass thicknesses in the same lots. Did you mean .005" to .010" When you bell the case mouth it should be enough so that the bullet will start into the case. If you chamfer the id of the neck, jacked bullets should need no bell. Lead and plated bullets do need a bell though.
  3. ... or Ultra max trying a CMA and not fessing up to bad product. I've had Ultra Max .38 spl with 3 different head stamps and 2 different configurations of SWC bullets in the same box.
  4. Flat based bullets are supposedly more accurate in the 1-250/300 yard ranges. Boat tail bullets from there on out are supposedly more accurate. I can't see any difference at 100 yards using generic 55gr bullets in each flavor.
  5. That is a possibility. There is a step in the split collet on the end that the bullet sticks through. If it, the collet, is stuck closed the case will catch on the step. The 4 splits in my collet are about .030" wide when relaxed and .000 when compressed with the ram.
  6. Did you Full Length size all the brass? Are all your cases the same length (1.750)? If not that might be some of the problem. Are the shoulders set back the same? The FCD works by the case holder pushing the split bushing up into the tapered sleeve and closing the bushing on the case mouth at the top of stroke. You only want about .030" of crimp length (measured from case mouth towards the base) Are you using bullets with a cannulure?
  7. Went to the Charlotte gunshow today with the better half. She came home with a Walther PK380 with a gun rug, leather IWB holster so she can clip it into her purse and 150 rounds of Fiocchi 95gr HP ammo for $398.00 OTD. I came back with a Ruger GP100 in .327 Fed Magnum (shoots .32, .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R magnum and .327 Mag.) a gun rug, 100 Federal 100 gr sp Mag rounds and a fobus paddle holster for $595.00 OTD. and 1000 rounds of 5.56 193 ammo for $300.00 OTD. Not barn burner prices, but acceptable. Now just have to clean them up and get to the range to break them in. Reports to follow, Probably next weekend.
  8. Wayne, You figure out what was really wrong yet? Nosey minds need to know?
  9. Does Bushmaster make a .22 dedicated upper? Or any dedicated .22 upper for that matter. There you go. And you save a few bucks. You can always buy/build a new lower later on.
  10. If you decide on a Lee press, I'd suggest the classic cast press. It has an enormous ram, the primer drops out the bottom of the ram into your container of choice and it is mechanically stronger than H!ll.
  11. Wayne, you know you're supposed to start low and work up. You might never find that Nirvana load, like mine, worrying about brass life. (24 gr Tac under 62 gr fmj w/c Privy projectile w/ wolf srm primers in any brass 2.245 COAL) You didn't get that from me. Shot out of a S&W 15OR carbine and a Tikka T3 Hunter bolt . Nah, don't worry about brass life, your fun time is too short.
  12. Nevermind, someone left me a stash (150 each) at the range, right there, neetly stacked up on the bench. A 3 box stack of H&R Mag and a 3 box stack of >327 Fed. Mag. Glad I got there before the snow.
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