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  1. it more or less selected ME LOL. older gentleman said it was ''brought to Kanada'' by his father ...he had NO USE for it on his liveaboard boat.....I offered to do him a favor and take it off his hands....... I have since done several favors in return.......kind of felt a little guilty of ''doing him the favor''. they are not common in SOUTH AFRICA and are known to perform well on plains game.
  2. I PICKED UP A MODEL.91/30 MADE AT ''IZHEVSK IN 1938. HAS THE ''7th. Graul Arsenal refurb mark on it. (square with line corner to corner). not been shot since factory refurb. after ww2. full of cosmoline........ looks like it just came out of factory..........paid $150 Canadian.....as prices ARE going up quickly, might just leave it ''unfired'' and make a few bucks on it........in 2019..... local CABELAS has a Christmas special on ''new'' Chinese SKS for $189 cdn.....but i'll stick with my RUSSIANS.
  3. Been enjoying my ''as new'' port.6,5x58mm rifle......it took some time and effort to find a set of custom C-H Dies for it. Back woods store in Saskatchewan Canada was glad to'' get rid'' of them. I reform .30-06 and 270 win. cases which took a bit of trial and error...... settled on 140 grain Hornadys. shoots as well as I can hold. Its now 114 years old.
  4. Anyone shooting a post model 88 in .284 Winchester??? have old 125 gr.yellow boxes and white boxes of 150 grain factory ammo reloading with 139 and 154 grainers.
  5. A little late on reply.....friend and I picked up 2 SKS letter guns laminated stocks 1955/56 tula refurbs. one blued one bbq black painted barrel... in boxes,slings,ammo pouches and oilers $179.00 Canadian....from local big box sporting goods store. great cheap shooters....will buy a couple more when next shipment comes in......costs more to gas up my truck and have lunch at burger king!!!!!!
  6. Add a northern b.c. moose,a nice black bear,2 blacktail deer and a coyote who was MOLESTING MY HUNT. inexpensive rifle, good scope .GOODon ya SAVAGE FIREARMS.
  7. Always thought the 375H&H to be one of 3 calibres i would have along with the .30-06 and the 257 Roberts as my final choices if i had only one gun to possess. since 1965 i still can not decide which one. i would feel comfortable with one or the other. In august 1965 my mother asked if i could lend my almost new BROWNING 375 to her best friends boyfriend. TONY the friggin little Hungarian,to go moose hunting. Have not seen tony OR my rifle since. Just can not bring myself to buy another 375 as i , like you already have one out there SOMEWHERE. TT
  8. Really don't like asking but must spend some cash on a new shotgun before i spend it on something foolish like a new stove or cupboards. found a great grouse location while moose hunting this past fall.seems no one hunts them. mule deer and moose are whats hunted in the area. a nice 410 to pot the blues ruffies and big old sharptail. lots in the big fir trees but many more in the willows. could use a .22 but i think the 410 would be ideal.shots under 20 yards. anyone have a 410 mossberg??? how has it performed for you ? have and had 12 and 20 ga. mosseys and they have been good reliable firearms tks TT
  9. NOTE ON MY LAST POST. 240GR. NORMA steel jacketed flatnose soft points kill moose,. at least at 63yards. 800lb. spike. hunting partner next to me with .300 ultramag. was not needed. 1 thru lungs 1 in neck. stumbled 40-50 yards and was down dead. I was looking for mule deer but SWAMP DONKEY presented himself. trick shot? mabe, but it speaks volumes for shot placement.TT
  10. thank you BARRY & WW . Been off computer for a while.TT
  11. AH nice!!!!!!!!!! ever shoot at CUSTER??
  12. HELLO Barry, PSM was a top mag. and i agree that handloader and rifleshooter magazines both are NOT what they were. I grew up with OUTDOORLIFE MAGAZINE, a kid living in the woods without electricity or running water in QUEBEC. It was my "OUT" to the rest of the world.ELMER KEITH would turn over in his grave if he saw where that mag has gone.nothing but advertisements. Such is life.Think i will go reload. TT / aka GLENN
  13. Yes its the mild steel jacketed ammo. two new boxes and the remainder of the third. did some checking on the ruger site. you are correct. its HOT, collecters want it and NORMA do not load it any more. i load 240 grain JHP for my carbine. works flawlessly with 24.5 grs. of H-110. SHOOTING those reloads in my super blackhawk revolver have a BITE but those 240 gr. norma factory soft points really TAKE IT UP A LEVEL OR TWO. I'll just hold on to them . would make a good black bear round. TOFINO TOM/GLENN
  14. HELLO ww, exactly, i can imagine what would happen, telling border securty to contact the BATFE FOR A CLARIFACTION!!! i am sure the border services/border patrol would FIND 500lbs.of world famous B.C.BUD, as its called, in my truck. not good. i unfortunately have the LOOK. 230LBS, SHAVED HEAD LONG BEARD. I HAVE ALWAYS HAD THE BEARD.shaved head because of the nature of my work. guess i should start wearing sport shirts ,shave the beard and grow my hair.mabe get a cane or walker and loose my sunglasses. guess i will crossinto IDAHO. BUDDY called this evening APACHE JUNCTION ARIZONA. 92 Degrees.beer is ice cold,asked when i was heading down. said How can i leave b.c. its 52 degrees, rained for the past week and my old boss wants me to go back to work for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. my old boss bought a baby eagle(JERICO941)about 6 months ago. has the poly barrel. after about 300 rounds ,lead and jhp reloads started to key hole at 25 yards. took it back to local CABALAS type sporting goods store. had a new barrel in about 2 weeks. he went to arizona a few days ago.we have run about 150 rounds thru it so far. i don't know if its the II model,i suspect not. TT
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