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  1. Hey guys So I picked up a savage model 10 308 HB. I love this rifle. Anyway has anyone given leverevolution powder in a 308. I'm working up a load with it now. Found a node just over 42 grains. Plan on chrono'ing the load next time I head out to our range to see if velocity is acceptable since there isn't any factory load data available for this powder in a 308. Case still has room for a few more grains of powder too. When establishing max I worked up to 48 grains and there were no pressure signs nor bolt stiffness upon lifting. Anyway I'm just wondering if anyone's used it before in a 308. It works stellar in my 30-30. Gun actually prints moa,well just over,using it and 2350ft/s with 160 grain hornady projectiles,the same ones used in the leverevolution factory ammo.
  2. Thank you very much Barry for the very informative response. Youve made up my mind for me. I was curious. From the mountains of reading I've done lately on proper bore care layering some kind of foreign substance in the bore between the copper fouling is a horribly bad idea in relation to keeping shots consistent and maintaining accuracy. From what I've learned the copper is of the utmost importance and it's imperative to achieve copper equilibrium. Once achieved every shot takes a bit of copper and powder fouling with it,then lays its own copper and powder fouling down. So messing with this process can have negative effects in relation to accuracy and can even mean resetting the scope because it's affected POI. So I'm not going to bother. I don't want to in any way disturb the process. I've been spending a lot of nights watching tiborasaurus Rex (YouTube sniper 101) and he makes quite a bit of sense in his explanations and he talks about moly bullets and how he doesn't like the impact they have in relation to accuracy. Thanks for the response Barry. I appreciate your input.
  3. I bought a Thompson center dimension 7mm rem mag. This rifle shot moa out of the box and now that I've got a few hundred down the pipe it's sub moa. Sunday I was shooting at 100 yards and groups of 3. Could cover them with a nickel. I had never heard of Thompson center until just over a month ago. Now I can't stop taking about them. Fantastic rifle. Great recoil pad. Easier recoil then my k-31. Lighter projectiles though. And inexpensive. And once you consider barrel swaps you get sub moa rifle for under 400 bucks. If you already have the correct bolt the barrel is a couple hundred. I love this rifle. Amazes me every day.
  4. You should see the mossberg version. It's about pretty ,inch the exact same thing. At least it's not made in China.
  5. I'm currently using the leverevolution powder and hornady lever evolution projectiles in the 160 grain flavour. Using book loading info they shoot better and more accurately then any factory loads I used prior to the hand loads. That's a big heavy round. Should hit hard.
  6. I've watched a lot of this guys YouTube vids. He's got a great plinking range set up. I'd love to spend an afternoon at his place. I'm subscribed to his channel.
  7. I love that rifle. And it's a cannon. Not much that won't drop on this continent with that slug. My first lever action was a 30-30 mossberg. Decent bush gun. 20" barrel. I wanted a 45-70 next but got into long range shooting so I had to put the 45-70 on hold.....for now
  8. Hey guys. So my rifle has 1-9 twist and 24"long. The manufacturer said 150 grain ammo is idea for my twist however I'm into long range shooting and I'm wondering if anyone has some insight as to what grain projectile I should be using. Im at 600 yards right now but working my way up to 1000+. What grain bullet would be best for these long range shots. My k-31 has a 174 grain projectile with gp-11 ammo. And it can shoot accurate a long way. It's very much like a 30-06 but the gp-11 ammo has fantastic ballistics. Im using low drag projectiles of course. Currently I've got hornady 139 grain and 162 grain projectiles loaded. Will the 162 stay stable enough for 1000+ yards or do I need to go a bit heavier. Using rotumbo and h4831. Thank you for any and all insight. I don't want to go too heavy and not be able to stabilize the round. Nor too light and have issues. Gracias in advance.
  9. Surplus ammo here is 300 bucks for 480 rounds of gp-11. You can or shouldn't hunt with it though. It's easily match grade. Mine is made in 1958. It had a name behind the buck plate. They are a fantastic rifle and because most shot the gp-11 ammo the bores are in very good shape. Mine has the lighter stock. Made in '58,the last year they were made if I remember correctly. These rifles with gp-11 ammo can shoot moa which is fantastic for a old mil spec rifle. Got mine for 299.99 at wholesale sports about a month ago. Grabbing another box of ammo today. Berdan primers suck. 257602 is my serial number. This old girl kicks harder than my 7mm rem mag,and with the gp-11 ammo will punch straight thru a 16" spruce at 100 yards. I got a clamp on scope mount and fitted a vortex crossfire 4-12 on it. My favorite old school rifle by far. The pull action is reliable as heck. And fast. I can send all 6 down range faster then a common bolt action. And most were in great shape as far as barrels are concerned. After buying this one I wanted another to play with. Was going to free float the barrel,new stock etc. Then I learned that the Swiss actually tuned each and every k-31. If you look at the front of the stock on the bottom there is a point where it's built up. So only that point touches the barrel. That's on purpose. It works with the harmonics of the bore making each gun as accurate as possible. Each one is different and done custom before the rifle left the factory. So anyway I apparently bought the last one in western Canada that wholesale sports had and they weren't getting anymore. And 300 bucks was a steal. If I had the numbers matching bayonet it could be worth 1000+ from what I understand. However I couldn't sell it. I like it way too much. Shooting is my only hobby and I've found it to be the most fun I have. I just couldn't part with it. I get more than 300 bucks worth of relaxation from shooting this rifle. And that to me is priceless. These are the sniper rifles of old military surplus rifles. The mosin,Lee enfield,m1 just can't compete with the accuracy of these old guns. And the world record longest shot with open sights is held using this model rifle. It's on YouTube if you want to see the guy making the shots. Mile and a quarter iirc. Long range shooters of Utah is the channel on YouTube if interested.
  10. I'd love to find higher capacity magazines for my Thompson center dimension. After my pig experience last weekend. Punching paper I just load one shot at a time. A misplaced shot in a pig on the run only see,s to anger them. And trying to fire a precision shot while a pig is running at you isn't as easy as one might think. I can't help you with the savage. If anyone hears about higher capacity magazines for a Thompson center dimension please give me a holler. Sorry about the thread jack Pablo.
  11. My mag leaves carbon around the neck too. And all the once shot brass I've picked up has that as well. are you full length sizing your brass or just the neck. I've heard very often that only neck sizing brass in a lapua can lead to change ring issues. If you load single obviously that becomes a non issue. I load single in my mag so it gives a chance for barrel to cool for a sec and me to breathe and refocus. Try full length sizing if you aren't. Gotta anneal the cases to. 5 shots max. The bolt sticking is an issue. Go to YouTube and find tiborasaurus Rex channel. Sniper 101 is his YouTube series. He talks about his lapua and brass and EVERYTHING you want to know about long range precision shooting. I've learned a ton from his vids. Everything you've described he talks about with his lapua so I suggest checking him out.
  12. I'm using rotumbo and h4831 in my hand loads for my mag. I've gotta buy something to measure velocity though so I can see what is shooting faster. . I'm only just starting to work up loads for accuracy. The mag was shooting sub moa yesterday. 3 round groups I could cover with a nickel. Factory rounds though.
  13. Lots of people talk about shooting long range but it's just talk. I've just started long range shooting myself and I've only gotten out 400 yards and even the lightest wind affects trajectory and your DOPE has to be right on. 1000 yards isn't easy in the least. Anyone who says it is hasn't shot at a 12" gong at that yardage before. And the rifle has to be moa at the very least. Sub moa to be competitive. The concentration you have to have to make these kind of shots is extreme. A 10x scope was/is the military choice for snipers,and they make kill shots at extreme long range with them. I'm shooting a 7mm rem mag. Tc dimension. The more rounds I put down the pipe the tighter my groups get. Out of a lead sled yesterday I shot 3 shot groups at 100 yards and I could cover them with a nickel. TC guarantees moa with the dimension and countless YouTube vids and my experience confirms it to be so. Good on ya for competing. You'll only get better.
  14. Taking all 7mm rem mag brass. 

  15. Hey guys. So so as anyone over at bitog knows I'm an mos2 fan. So I see my hunting supply shop has moly powder for bullets. What's everyone's option on using it. I already know it decreases chamber pressure and velocity. I'm more interested if it actually decreases barrel temps and leads to longer barrel life.
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