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Record number of trap targets in a single day?


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I don't know what the actual record is, but I would guess it's pretty high. I have witnessed some serious practice that my friends son goes through who is trying to make the Olympic Skeet team.

He is 15yrs old and I have seen him go through 3 flats of shells in a single practice session. These are not wimpy skeet loads either. I think they are 24gram, 1350fps shells. He uses a highly modified(by Briley) Perazzi. This kid is a great joy to be around and he will make the team. It really helps when your dad is a world class shooter himself. His name is Brandon Belanger. Watching this kid mature into the shooter he is a pure joy.

Getting back to your original question, I would guess that the actual number of targets is very high. 5-6k would be my guess.

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In coming up with a number of targets per day, you have to keep things in perspective. 6,000 targets in an 8 hour period would equate to 750 targets per hour. That breaks down to 12.5 targets per minute, or a target every 4.8 seconds.

That would be all but impossible to achieve when you consider the actual amount of time required to call for a target, acquire it, and shoot. Now factor in reloading the gun, shooter fatigue, etc. I've shot 400 targets in a day, and I was exhausted afterward. I can't imagine shooting 2,000 plus targets and achieving any kind of decent score simply because of the fatigue factor, and how you would be shooting to get a high round count. A bit like trying to play 18 holes of golf in an hour. Speed alone will effect your score in a negative way. Bill T.

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I'd guess the most I shot in a single day of my brief trap experience was 125. I might have done 150 once, but I doubt it, and I know I did 125 a couple of times.

I was probably willing to do more, but I think I remember feeling that the next day. It wasn't the front of the shooting shoulder from recoil, but the outer part of both shoulders from swinging the gun so many times.

I usually got three or four rounds (75-100 shots) in per night. I was lucky to do that. This was a club that shot on Thursday nights, so there was only a few hours to shoot in. Plus, all the old regulars in the clique got their rounds in before us new guys that were low on the pecking order. The last time I went, I shot one round (one 25 shot round).

Those sporting clays guys can build up a round count quickly, with 100-bird courses!

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