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  1. This is all California. (You can see the "ca.gov" at the bottom of the label). It requires this if they're going to sell the item in the state of California. Because in California EVERYTHING causes cancer and birth defects. It's just like their idiotic "handgun roster" and "waiting periods". California has descended into a vast wasteland of regulations, and useless rules that produce exactly nothing in regards to any improvement in anything remotely related to quality of life.
  2. I've always been a Glock man. I see no reason to change. However, I did allow for one H&K to slip in there. [img]https://i.imgur.com/DHc9fBQ.jpg?2[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/vkMLmIU.jpg?2[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/bNGlJIu.jpg?2[/img]
  3. For anyone who doesn't have a Browning Hi-Power, but likes the design, Brownell's has the Tisas Hi-Power clone available in Stainless Steel and black. The Stainless model comes with 2 Mec-Gar magazines, and is priced at just $550.00. (Plus any shipping and transfer fees to your local dealer). That's pretty reasonable. The gun shows excellent workmanship for the money. And parts will interchange from other original Hi-Power models. Including Brownell's after market threaded barrels.
  4. Personally I love the 1911 platform, and own a dozen of them in various configurations and calibers. That said these pistols are WAY overpriced for what you're getting. As Astro said, they're a mix of pitted, old parts. All of which have no traceability or history as an assembled unit. You're basically getting a worn out, mostly shot out armory relic for close to, or in some cases over $1,000.00. That is ridiculous when you look and shop what's available in the new 1911 pistol market today. Not to mention their horrible, overly complicated, "12 step purchasing process". It just isn't worth the time, effort, or money.
  5. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Champion-WheelyBird-Trap/1325054.uts I picked up one of these a couple of weeks back, and finally got it out today to throw some clays. I've got several shotguns that are not really good for 16 yard Trapshooting. Like self defense shotguns and the like with open chokes and short to medium length barrels. And with this I thought I could get more use out of them. I got a good deal on it at Cabela's, along with a $25.00 off coupon. It's a nice, well built unit, that goes together nice and easy. The only changes I made were with the wheels. The one's they give you are cheap, molded plastic. I found a nice pair at Harbor Freight that had nice rubber tires with a Polypropylene hub that matched and fit perfectly. They're also an inch bigger in diameter and allow for more angle adjustment. I didn't bother installing that stupid circular "guard". If you're dumb enough to hurt yourself with this thing, you shouldn't be handling a gun in the first place. I picked up a cheap lead / acid car battery from Wal-Mart, along with one of those "Battery Tenders" to keep it charged up. The thing ran perfectly, straight out of the box with no adjustments, tossing clay targets a good 55 to 60 yards. It never broke a single clay. It cycles pretty fast. I would say in under 2 seconds. The magazine holds 50 targets that gives you a lot of shooting. After that many you want to take a rest anyway. We threw 180 targets, and the battery only recharged for about an hour at 750 milliamps, (3/4's of an amp). So their claim of 3,000 targets on a full battery doesn't seem to be an inflated claim. However if you're going to put the machine through heavy use, you might want to invest in a deep cycle marine type battery. The unit isn't very heavy, and it fits nice in the bed of my truck. The target magazine clears the top of my Leer Top by a couple of inches. It won't throw doubles, but if you keep the pedal depressed, it will fire in pretty rapid succession. Fast enough to keep a pump gun shooter really busy. I've got to find a better source for targets besides Wal-Mart. They handle them too roughly, and in 2 boxes of 90 birds, I had at least a dozen broken one's. I'll try Cabela's for my next bunch. I looked at the Champion Wheelybird, and the Do All White Wing. Both seemed good, but the Champion got better reviews, so I went with it. For anyone who likes to bust clay, this is a nice trap for not a whole lot of money.
  6. I picked up a Marlin X-7 in .223 a few weeks ago for a song. Davidson's had them through my local dealer on sale for just $230.00, so I couldn't pass it up. After I got it home I wasn't very happy with the cheap, thermoplastic molded stock it came with. It was "functional", but that was about it. So I picked up a Boyd's Laminated Featherweight Thumbhole for just $99.00. The fit was perfect. The barreled action just dropped right in. It really makes the whole rifle look and fit so much better. I'm thinking of picking up one for one of my Mosins. I'll keep one original. The only thing is you have to remove the front sight in order to get both of the 2 barrel bands off the barrel. I'm really tempted because Boyd's makes a [censored] of a nice stock for the money. You can get them in several different colors as well. http://i812.photobucket.com/albums/zz50/billt460/Marlin20X-720.22320002_zpsbnkdrmun.jpg
  7. billt

    new RIA 1911

    That's it. I purchased it from Davidson's through my local dealer. They had them on sale for just $327.00. With tax and shipping it came to $357.00 out the door. I couldn't pass it up. Not only that, but it came with a Lifetime Free Replacement Warranty. Every gun Davidson's sells does. Pretty hard to beat. A great gun at a great price!
  8. billt

    new RIA 1911

    This is my Rock Island Armory 1911. It's a plain Jane G.I. Model in 9 MM I pick up for just $357.00 out the door on sale. The gun shoots like a dream. The trigger is better than the triggers on most of my Springfield's. Perhaps I got lucky, I don't know. But overall I would give this gun a "10" on quality and performance. With the price of .45 ACP ammo compared to 9 MM, this gun is going to get shot a lot.
  9. The only place I saw it on sale was in the "Clearance Flyer" for 49.95. It doesn't look like the sale price made it on to the website.
  10. I was just at Cabela's again today, and they were all out of these cases. I did pick up 4 more of the Molle pouches that strap on to the side. You can easily fit 3, 30 round magazines in each one.
  11. Yes they do. They are held securely in place with Molle Straps. 3 snaps at the bottom of each pouch unsnap, then the whole pouch can be pulled straight up and out of the Molle webbing.
  12. Link to case at Cabela's Yesterday I stopped by Cabela's because I wanted to take a good look at the Tactical Rifle Cases they have. This case normally sells for $64.99. I got one of those "Employee Price Discount" cards in the mail, and I called to check what kind of discount it would get me on this particular case. The girl on the phone checked and said it would knock the price down to $48.77. I also got a flyer in the mail that said they were going on sale for $49.99 starting 1/3/2013. I was so impressed with the case I bought 2 of them. This case is very large and well made for the price. To compare, one of my LWRC piston AR's came with an Elite Survival Systems Case similar in design to this one, and I think the Cabela's case is much nicer. The Elite Survival Case sells upwards of $100.00. It comes in both black, as well as Digital Camo. They only had the Digital Camo model, which didn't matter because that is what I wanted. The case comes with plenty of Molle attachment points, as well as 2 detachable pouches. They sell extra pouches as well. They come 2 in a pack for $19.95. I bought several of them because they are perfect in size to fit extra magazines in. I have a total of 6 on each case. Each one will easily fit 3, 30 round magazines. It has internal tie downs for your weapon, and 2 pocketed areas front and rear to contain both the muzzle and buttstock, and all zippers are double, and very large and heavy duty. It also comes with a single, detachable shoulder strap, and 2 heavy duty carry handles. One is attached to each side that are joined together with a Velcro strip at the center. The material is lined with a type of plastic material that will go a long way in keeping the contents protected from water. The detachable pouches feature this as well. The built in center pouch comes with the case, and it has 2 zippered access points to seperate compartments. Either one or both of these would easily hold a large handgun. As I mentioned these things are going on sale in a couple of days for just $49.99 each. They are well worth the $64.99 regular price, and are an absolute steal for $49.99. For anyone who needs a really nice case for their AR-15, AK-47, or similar type weapon, but doesn't want to break the bank buying one, I highly recommend this Cabela's case. If anyone can make this link hot it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. All Remington 870 receivers are milled from a solid billet. Neither are cast or forged, regardless of model.
  14. I went to the range this morning with the new .308 DPMS, and overall had a very good range session. The gun functioned flawlessly. No FTF or FTE's. The gun ate everything it was fed. I tried both DPMS magazines that came with the rifle and both fed 19 rounds each of Magtech 150 Gr. FMJ without a hitch. I then switched to the Mag-Pul P-Mag I had for all the rest of my shooting, because that is the magazine I will be purchasing several extras of. It ran fine with everything I stuffed in it. At 8.25 pounds empty, the gun has very manageable recoil. Much less than a light .308 sporter like my Winchester Model 88 does. It was LOUD! Much louder than any .223 AR-15. Ejection was positive, but it did not damage or ding any of the brass. I don't have any optics on this rifle, and really don't intend to mount any. The standard A-2 sights were pretty close at 100 yards, where all my shooting was from. I had to adjust about 2 inches up and about 2 to 3 inches to the left, and everything after that was well central on the targets. After about 50 rounds I switched to some handloads I had brought that were loaded with 42.0 Gr. of Varget under a Sierra 168 Gr. Matchking bullet. My eyes were getting used to the sights, and using the small aperture shooting off the bench it was not difficult to get groups that could be covered with a drink coaster. For my 59 year old ageing eyes I'll call that good. I switched to some Hornady 168 Gr. A-Max bullets loaded with the same 42.0 Gr. of Varget. They grouped just a bit tighter, but I would of had to have a scope mounted to really establish which was the better load as far as accuracy. After taking a break and BS'ing with some of the guys there I tried some informal offhand shooting on the 200 yards steel plates. It was very easy to achieve steady hits. This rifle is very easy to shoot accurately. Much more so than my Springfield M1-A's are offhand. It being shorter is far less muzzle heavy and less tiresome to shoot from an offhand stance. All in all I ran a total of 220 rounds through the gun. More .308 than I normally would shoot at a single range outing. Before I left I heavily lubed up everything, and after every 30 rounds or so, I gave the bolt and bolt lugs several drops of Mobil 1 to keep everything good and slick. After I got home the gun cleaned up effortlessly. Everyone has their own method of lubricating AR's. For me more is better. I disassembled the bolt carrier group and washed everything in clean Kerosene, then blew everything dry with compressed air. I then re oiled and greased everything, and the gun was as spotless as before I took it out of the case. I used Bore Tech Eliminator in the barrel, and it cleaned up much easier than I had expected. I didn't get the barrel very hot, and gave it plenty of time to cool off between magazines. It was mostly cloudy and cool out with almost no wind at all. Overall I'm very pleased with this rifle. The gun ran perfectly, shot where it was aimed, and was easy to handle doing it. I wished I hadn't waited so long to get into the .308 AR game. These guns are a lot of fun, and I couldn't be more pleased.
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