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M&P Over Glock


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Update:  I now have an M&P 9 2.0 Compact. 

Or is it M&P Compact 2.0 9mm?

Or M&P 2.0 Compact 9?

Or...something   It’s a Glock 19-size M&P  


i don't expect a switch from steel-frame guns any time soon, but I am pretty sure my eyes will require a red dot sight in the future.  I might as well start getting used to the (probable) gun that will carry it.   The local gun shop having a “Black Friday sale if you ask for it” on used guns did me in  


I used to have an M&P 45 and didn’t think the trigger was as good, but that’s been a while.  I looked at two used “1.0” M&P 9s Friday also, and that confirmed my memory.  The 2.0 trigger action feels better to me. Not just lighter, but crisper and smoother. 


I’m seeing used old style M&Ps selling for what used Glocks sold for in the mid 90s.  Maybe it’s a good time to stick a couple away. 

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2 hours ago, BarryinIN said:

I’m seeing used old style M&Ps selling for what used Glocks sold for in the mid 90s.  Maybe it’s a good time to stick a couple away. 

If you go to Google and enter "LE TRADE INS" you will see several reputable online gun shops selling LE trade in FS .40 caliber M&P's, $199-$300. I bought 2 of them. The trigger on my 2.0 is 10X better then the 1.0 trigger.

They also have G22's, G23's, and G21's, in Gen. 2-4, starting out at $239. 

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That’s what I went into the shop to get that day, but he made me a deal I couldn’t refuse on the 2.0.   Otherwise, yes, for the price, everyone should be sticking away an M&P or two or three.  Even if the type doesn’t interest them, it’s one of those things we’ll regret later if we don’t.  

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Posted (edited)


It's been a while since I have posted. I bought and sold a Gen 3 G21 in 2020 and my son gave me an unissued LE Trade in Gen 4 G22 for my birthday in March. I really like it and WILL NOT be giving it up or selling it. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks. 


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I was out of the M&P world again, but I’m now back in again.

I traded my M&P 2.0 Compact 9 for a Sig P320 around a year and a half ago.  
Tuesday, I bought a used M&P Shield 9.  

I was looking for an off-side carry spare, and was leaning toward the Sig P365.  This Shield was in the used case for $299, and he priced it to me at $269.  For that price, my preference changed quickly and easily.  I will learn to like it.  

Semi-drift but not really:

I have owned a small Kahr for quite a while that I like and shoot OK for it’s size.  I’ve carried it in a pocket a lot. Why I don’t simply use it here is curious even to me.

No, I do know why.  The Shield is just enough bigger to be easier to shoot.  Or at least it seems that way so far. Since the plan is for belt carry and I can go with a larger gun, the Shield seems fitting.  

This got me thinking how good we have it in some ways in the world of guns.  I felt the need for a gun that was so little larger in size that it holds just one more round of 9mm.  Not only did one exist, but I had a selection.  

That cracks me up.  When I was entering the gun buying world, the variety of handguns seemed plentiful but it was a fraction of today.  If you wanted a 9mm or .45, you had your choice of Service-size guns and that was about it.  There were the occasional exceptions like the Star PD and BKM, but they were relatively uncommon.  An example of the few alternatives would be a Commander instead of a Government Model 1911.  Most companies didn’t offer you that much of an alternative.  If you liked S&W 9mms and wanted a more compact gun than the 39/59, you were out of luck.   Later, when they brought out the 469 it was BIG news.  

Now you can pick guns in 1/8” size intervals and have choices at each stop of the way.  

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I've always been a Glock man. I see no reason to change. However, I did allow for one H&K to slip in there.




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