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  1. Inspired by your story, I bought this when I saw it locally. 1955 date of manufacture. Original finish with crisp markings and wood in nice condition. Not easy to find the ammo, and I have no plans to do anything other than put a few rounds through it, clean it, and keep it. But I’m pleased to have one!
  2. Pricey, but interesting. I don't think the Croatian origin is a negative. My XD-M is a well built, good performer. I like how compact the bullpup is, and wonder how this compares with the Tavor. I will say that I like the ambidextrous ejection option as well as the adjustable gas system.
  3. I think the only advantage is the size. Otherwise, I've already got an S&W 9mm concealed carry, double stack with an alloy frame - the 6906. And it's a nice-shooting gun.
  4. "Discount available with Cash, Check and Money Order Payments"...so...
  5. Delighted to see another 10mm! I'm a fan of the cartridge. I've got a Dan Wesson Razorback (1911, a gun with a troubled past that works great now), a Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator (I think that's the name, another 1911), a Glock 20 C (hated the flash, retrofitted a regular barrel) and a S&W 1006. The 1006 is legendary for its durability and construction. All steel. Very rugged. Also, quite heavy. I'll be interested to see how this one holds up. I'll also be interested to see how people use it. Most 10mm is "FBI load" and for that performance, you're better off just getting a .40. Full power 10mm is fun to shoot and a whole lot more effective than the .40. Cheers,
  6. I genuinely want one of the SAs. But they sold out so quickly that I am going to have to wait (Mrs. Astro was looking for Christmas present ideas, and this fit into her budget/plans). Once G&A put it on the cover, we all knew it would be gone in minutes...
  7. Colt once made a finely crafted gun...is that still the case? I had to hand fit the safety on my latest Colt, it wasn't right from the factory. Shoots great now, but I was disappointed. .38 Super Competition model.
  8. Kimber claims a "match-grade" trigger. I would like very much to know what you think when yours arrives. I "need" a .357, too...so...
  9. Thanks for the update! would love to go someday... Cheers, Astro
  10. Well...S&W heard enough consumer demand to bring back revolvers that they've got their whole "classic" line. They're pretty good revolvers, I've seen a few in shops, but they languish on the shelves for a while. I kept an eye on a Model 57 (6" .41 magnum N-frame) locally. It was $900. Then $875. Then $850. Took months for it to sell. If I wanted a .41 magnum to carry (and I can't really see a reason) then a $850 gun sort of makes sense... Sort of... But a magnum revolver, particularly an N-Frame, isn't particularly practical for carry, unless you're a cop, or hiking in bear country. It's too big for concealment, which relegates the every day use to outdoorsmen. Serious ones... And that's not a very big market. Further, it's a market with some established players, like Ruger. Sturdy guns in Stainless Steel already exist for that market. So, who is going to buy a blued magnum revolver? Someone looking for cartridge performance? Power? Lots of cartridges, for example, 10mm, offer considerable power in a much more compact firearm. E.G. Glock 20. Much lighter. Higher capacity. Still a credible bear/wildlife/self-defense round. But I want a gun to collect. To enjoy. So, a "no dash" Model 57 for about $1,200, with excellent finish, has a level of craftsmanship and quality that the new guns simply can't match. Recessed chambers, pinned barrel. Those things were dropped some time in the 1970s... IF they were to be brought back, the cost explodes, and who, on Earth, is going to pay $1,500 for a new wheel gun that's nothing special in terms of performance? So it is with the Python. I'm in complete agreement with your point. Now, I've been eying a Standard Manufacturing Single Action in .45 Colt...at $2,000 +/- it's not cheap, but the craftsmanship is superb. It's a gun, like a Shiloh rifle from Montana, that I would love to own. That I would be proud to own. That I could justify spending that kind of $$ for... http://www.stdgun.com/sa-revolver-1/
  11. The M&P 2.0 is a good gun. I like them, but with over a dozen auto pistols, I just don't need one...still, at those prices...
  12. Not yet an owner...but someday, when a few other rifles in which I've got a greater interest are occupying my safe, then a MN is on the list, but I was thinking of a Finnish built one... And yes - I realize that EVERY milsurp rifle is appreciating in price. In the two years since I bought the K-31, they're nearly double the price...
  13. I realize that this is an ancient thread, but 7x57 ammo is now $0.60 here: https://www.sgammo.com/catalog/rifle-ammo-sale/7mm-mauser-7x57-ammo I love this company - awesome prices, reasonable shipping, great customer service. Now is a great time to buy ammo, particularly the less common types. Stock up! Cheers, Astro
  14. Hey Clevy! I've got a K-31 as well. And four cases of GP-11. I shouldve bought more... cheers, Astro
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