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  1. UPDATE! It's been a while since I have posted. I bought and sold a Gen 3 G21 in 2020 and my son gave me an unissued LE Trade in Gen 4 G22 for my birthday in March. I really like it and WILL NOT be giving it up or selling it. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks.
  2. I buy a lot of SD ammo from this company. They only charge me a $5 flat rate of shipping. https://www.lawmens.com/
  3. Thanks for the reply Barry. Back in the day I was using Winchester Silvertip exclusively. As the new JHP's came out, I was leap frogging from one brand to another. As time moves on, you seem to get wiser and learn things as you go. So, today, in SD ammo I like to use Winchester Ranger LE JHP's exclusively. In .357 SIG I use Ranger T-Series/SXT (sometimes PDX1), 9mm I use Ranger Bonded, and in .40 caliber, either Ranger T-Series/SXT or Ranger Bonded. I do have several boxes in each caliber in HST though.
  4. I prefer to EDC an M&P 2.0 FS .40 caliber, or an M&P 1.0 FS .40 caliber, with Winchester JHP's. I have known this for awhile and decided to make a post here about it. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this? In the pic below, the bullet on the left is a Winchester Ranger T-Series 40 S&W 180 gr. JHP, made in 2009 (Brown Box). The bullet on the right is the same titled bullet, but made in 2017 (Black Box). Do you notice the difference in the cavities? The bullet on the right looks more like an HST bullet. The bullet on the left looks like the more traditional Black Talon/SXT bullet. Things that make you go."Hmmmmm........"
  5. I'm just a plain old RUGER 10/22 guy.
  6. I'm happy with my Ruger revolvers. They are just as good, or better, than any S&W & Colt.
  7. My cousin just recently came to me wanting me to order a S&W .380 EZ for his wife. I found a new gun website online that is selling it for $289.99. I am on other gun forums online and have been spreading the word. I didn't realize how popular and in demand this gun is. Every site I have posted this on, members left and right are going to their site to buy one. I have some coupons for their website if anyone is interested. https://www.lockedloaded.com/
  8. That's a good price. I own (3) Norinco Paratroopers. The going prices here start at about $350. I remember back in the day I could buy them for $79.95.
  9. If you go to Google and enter "LE TRADE INS" you will see several reputable online gun shops selling LE trade in FS .40 caliber M&P's, $199-$300. I bought 2 of them. The trigger on my 2.0 is 10X better then the 1.0 trigger. They also have G22's, G23's, and G21's, in Gen. 2-4, starting out at $239.
  10. Hello Clevy. I don't think you know me, but I know you from "OVER THERE." Welcome aboard. Can you rustle up some more members from over yonder to come join?
  11. Are there any MN owners here? I currently own an all numbers matching 1943 Ischev 91/30. It's not in excellent shape, but it's not far from it. The only problem with it, if you want to call it a problem, is it's counter bored. But, on the plus side, it's VERY accurate. It will shoot a flea off of a fly's rear end at 500 meters! Back in the late 80's, early 90's, I would buy them (6) at a time from THE SHOTGUN NEWS paper. The prices were $49.95-$69.95. I bought them to sell. I wish I would have saved a few. The lowest price I have seen them sell for are $300+. In 2014, I paid $150 for the one I currently own.
  12. When he was in jail here, one of my best friends owned a bakery, which was attached to her home. She would make his favorite pie, pecan. She brought him one every week. He was a very crooked governor, and a DEMOCRAT, but he sure took care of the people in La. He was a HUEY P. LONG of that time. Our current governor, John Bel Edwards, has EE's last name (no relation) but sure is NOTHING like him! He's scared of his own shadow, and was the person that started the ball rolling to eliminate ALL Confederate statues in America. He started by planting the bug in the previous N'awlins mayors ear, Mitch Landrieu. When he eliminated all of the statues in N'awlins, he sealed his fate at not being voted mayor again. One last thing about Avoyelles Parish. It's the poorest Parish in La. Our sales tax is currently 10.25%! Yes, you read that correctly, 10.25%! And, in December, the Police Jury is holding a special election to raise it to 11.25%. The residents here are so tired of being taxed and will most likely shoot it down. But can you imagine, 11.25%?
  13. Thank You Sir. Avoyelles Parish. All of my family is from here, but I grew up in the Baton Rouge/Gonzales area.
  14. Hello to all from Louisiana, I'm Wayne. Some of you know me from another place........ Anyway, I hope to gather some knowledge about firearms and ammunition from you fine members. I would also like to contribute in any way I can. Thank You, Wayne
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