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  1. That's too bad - sounds like it was a great scope. Having eye problems, I would probably benefit from a scope like this.
  2. I tried this Birchwood Casey shell catcher on my Remington V3, thinking it may be a temporary solution until I'm able to get one of these when he makes them for the V3. The V3 ejects the hulls with so much velocity, that the Birchwood Casey didn't come close to stopping them. The hulls still were ejected about 15' from my position. I tried bending the catcher so that it would be more aggressive, but it didn't matter. I'm going to try a rubber band next.
  3. I think we should all meet there and see who needs the defibrillator first! That's an interesting question if there will be a chain of retail stores... My guess would be... eventually.
  4. Barry, I'd like to hear about innovation in general. I'm amazed at human innovation and like those "I should have thought of that" moments when I learn of something new. Thanks for reporting on this for us. Wayne
  5. I'm hoping this Shell Catcher will work on the V3. It should work with the 1oz steel loads we shoot at the Naperville trap range. I do load 11/16oz light loads that I doubt will cycle the bolt, but I wouldn't expect them to. I've never had a gun that points exactly where I want it to at all times, seems they all miss a target from time to time!
  6. I decided to pull the trigger on a Remington V3 28" black synthetic stock. I've wanted a auto to shoot trap with and think this may be a good choice for an all around versatile shotgun. I hope an 870 or 1100 stock will fit the V3, but Google didn't seem to be able to find much. Link to V3 on Remington's site
  7. Brownells has a retail store in Grinnell, Iowa just off interstate 80. I drove past the store/warehouse a month ago before it opened and it looks like an interesting place to see, will stop the next time I get a chance. Link to the announcement.
  8. In a way I am too. There is a Bass Pro directly across the tollway from the range. That Bass Pro was denied a permit for a gun range, by the city of Bolingbrook, when it was built years ago. They got the permit and built a beautiful range!
  9. I fired this pistol with 22 Mag rounds. The pistol is junk as the cylinder had to be rotated by hand and wouldn't index properly so you had to position it in the right spot for the pin to hit the rim. The recoil was sharp and I wouldn't want to shoot it much or often. It was pretty hard to hold on to and can't imagine using it as even a gut gun. I shall never own one.
  10. I have a total of about 1000 rounds fired now with the Apex trigger. It's so good that I would put it up against a decent 1911 trigger. Would be very hard to put the factory trigger back into the M&P and shoot at a match where they checked for illegal mods.
  11. I got to hold a Ruger American Pistol in 9mm a few days ago, but didn't get to shoot it. I was impressed with the ergonomics, design, ruggedness, and quality. The trigger was also so good that it's hard to believe this is a Ruger design. Maybe I'll have to buy one?!
  12. We have a new range in Chicagoland (Bolingbrook) called The Range at 355 16 lanes of brand spanking newness! Widest indoor lanes I've ever seen and air flow so good that you'll never smell the smoke from your gun. I joined with the weekday pass and have been there many times. About a 10 minute drive from my house. Couldn't be better.
  13. I've fired it several hundred times now and it's been perfect. Not a single issue with feeding and is accurate. I'm going to enjoy shooting it!
  14. What is the BC of that bullet? Looks like it would be pretty high....
  15. I've never owned one, but would like to someday. They shoot nice, but I'd hate to carry one with me 24hrs/day. Although when my dad turned his M14 in for a M16, while in Vietnam, he said that so many times he wished he was carrying the M14 again.
  16. Who makes the barrel? Where did you order it?
  17. Shot about 100 rounds through it a couple days ago. Looks, feels, and shoots like a 1911 - I LIKE! The recoil is about 1/2 that of my 1911 in 45ACP - I like that too! Shot nice groups from a rest, basically it shoots as well as I do. It's going to be fun to shoot!
  18. I picked it up from the FFL today. I've never seen so much oil on a gun, which I can imagine is to inhibit corrosion. I field stripped it and cleaned the oil off - sure hope the oil doesn't discolor the wood grips.
  19. I was bidding on a Kimber Stainless Target II in 9mm a couple days ago and 'accidentally' bought one. I paid $750, which I think is a good deal, given that they are between $1050 and $1150 at retail. Should get it tomorrow and how to shoot it Sunday. I've never shot a 1911 chambered in 9mm - I think I'll like the reduced recoil and less expensive reloads. Will post a picture when I get it and give a range report. Wayne
  20. I'm still waiting for the phone call saying I've won....
  21. It's back up: https://www.youtube.com/user/hickok45
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