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  1. This is sad news. Times change and consumers vote which products sell. So many industries change, driven by price competition.
  2. Welcome - we look forward to hearing about you and your shooting adventures
  3. You've got a very stout piece of machinery there. When I first saw it, it appeared to be for 50BMG.
  4. Is this press new or old? I can't find a manufacturer on Google.
  5. This is a major change in the scope industry. It must be slow sales?
  6. Then you have make-up purchases to do. Post pictures!
  7. So every year, or three years, you'll be buying a CZ on March 1st? :-)
  8. I've never owned a Glock, but have shot them. I just don't like them and much prefer my M&P or XD
  9. I can't wait to hear your opinion, I've thought this would be a great gun.
  10. Browning's website shows two models of the Hi Power still in production: http://www.browning.com/products/firearms/pistols/hi-power-pistols/current-production.html Maybe they decided to let it live for a while?
  11. wwillson

    ruger lcp

    Did you end up buying one? I really like my LCP, but if the trigger is lots better on the LCP II, then I'd go pick one up.
  12. Ruger announced a pistol caliber carbine. https://ruger.com/products/pcCarbine/models.html 9mm, Mag well inserts to accept several different magazines including Glock, threaded barrel, etc. I've been interested in one and this looks like it might be a fun gun.
  13. Maybe a better way to track orders would be nice. Hopefully he can get you barrel to you soon.
  14. Looks like a stout press for a good price. I like that it comes with a stand that gets it above the level of the bench. Nice also that it doesn't have a quick change collet, makes precision work more precise.
  15. Any idea when we'll be able to buy brass for the 22 Nosler?
  16. Looking at the prices of the Ruger Scout Rifles, personally I would prefer a Mini-14. It seems to be that the price could steer folks to the less expensive and similarly sized Mini...?
  17. As you may know, I live in Chicagoland too and carry every day. First, as of now you can not carry on public transportation in IL. I have carried both the LC9 and LCP. The LC9 is a great carry gun, being that it is compact, light, and snag free. I carried either an LC9 or LC9s for a couple years. The LC9s is simply a better gun, because the trigger is so much better than the LC9. When I bought the LCP a few months ago, with the idea of using it as a pocket gun, I didn't realize what was about to happen. The LCP is so light and small and fits so well into the front pocket of my jeans, while inside the pocket holster that comes with it from the factory, that it's the only gun I've carried since. I also have an XDs in 9mm, which is another fantastic gun and relatively the same size and shape as the LC9 (yes the XDs is larger and heavier, but not by much). The XDs and LC9 are too large to carry discreetly in the front pocket of your jeans, so I chose to carry them in an inside the waistband holster. When you carry all the time, even the LC9 in an IWB hoster feels brick-like after a while. The LCP becomes unnoticeable to the point that I've forgotten it's there. The perceived recoil of the LC9 and LCP are similar, mostly because the LCP is so light that it snaps enough to make it feel like the heavier LC9. My $.02
  18. Good article Here on the Downrange website
  19. It took me a while to find the specs, so I added them here. When checking out this new handgun from Remington, I couldn't help but yawn and feel underwhelmed with yet another plastic fantastic....
  20. Take your checkbook and some serious fiscal self discipline!
  21. I had a chance to stop at Brownells new retail store (connected to their new HQ & warehouse). It's a great retail store with a ton of new and used guns on display. They have retail kiosks that you can place an order for anything on their website and someone will pick it and bring it to you in about 15 minutes. Put my hands on a JP Enterprises SCR-11 - now I know I need one!
  22. Any idea what product(s) Ruger is needing production capacity for?
  23. I've now shot about ten rounds of trap with the V3. It's certainly not a trap gun like my BT99, but it's not supposed to be. The V3 has worked perfectly without a single problem. The recoil is so soft compared to my 870 that shooting the V3 is like shooting a .410. The gas system works perfectly, it ejects all of my reloads from 1 1/8oz fast games loads to my 11/16 oz low recoil practice loads (both 2 3/4"). It throws the 11/16oz hulls about 15' so the system is not suffering from low pressure. This gas system is so simple, that it's genius. There are no o-rings, no seals, just the ports and pistons - I can't imagine what could go wrong with it. Wayne
  24. Since Aimpoint is late to the game, I would think they would need to come out with some whiz-bang features to enter this market and compete. I wonder what innovative ideas they might introduce on this product?
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