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  1. I have a 12ga MEC Sizemaster that I'm using to load VP60 wads. After the wad is seated, the wad wants to hold onto the rammer tube. I believe that sometimes the rammer tube will unseat the wad slightly, which might give inconsistent loads. Anyone know of a solution for this? Wayne
  2. Does anyone know who makes a weighted magazine tube cap for an 870 Remington?
  3. Does anyone have experience with loading cast steel shot for trap? I believe cast shot would be much less expensive than conditioned cut wire shot.
  4. I cast 230g RN bullets from wheel weight lead for 45ACP. I let the bullets age harden for at least 45 days before shooting. I use xlox from lsstuff in Idaho with great results. I still get a slight bit of leading in the first inch of the breech end of the barrel. Does anyone know if leading with wheel weight lead is just unavoidable?
  5. Does anyone use Wolf small/large pistol primers? They are more readily available than pretty much any other primers. I am a bit leery of wolf because of their loaded ammunition reputation. Wayne
  6. Anyone know which clubs around Chicago has skeet?
  7. Is there a difference in the hardness of Bio vs Pitch targets? Is there any real difference in how easily they break? Wayne
  8. I shoot at a club that only allows steel shot. I have been reloading steel for about a year with no problems. I just cleaned my barrel (870 Remington) for the first time in about a month. I was shocked to see some pretty major scratches from the forcing cone to about 3" past the forcing cone. There is also minor forcing cone erosion. These scratches are new in the last month. I'm wondering if I loaded some loads in the last month with the shot over the wad peddles? I use the VP-51, which is made for steel. Is there a rule of thumb for the level of shot in the shot cup? Wayne
  9. Anyone know which clubs around Chicago has sporting clays?
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