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  1. Sad news that such a bellwether in the firearms industry to file for bankruptcy. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/06/14/breaking-news-colt-to-file-chapter-11-bankruptcy/
  2. ​Yes, you should absolutely test, test, test!!
  3. Great looking pistol! How does the wife like shooting it?
  4. AK rifle manufacturing in Ijevsk. The text is in Russian but there are a lot of pictures. http://zyalt.livejournal.com/1363099.html
  5. IPB has released 8 bug fix releases in the past month or so. The forum software is stabilizing nicely and I believe we will upgrade BITOG in the next couple months. IPB offers many things that UBB never will. Wayne
  6. ​Thank me very much! Always glad to help you spend your $$. All joking aside, you will like the 617 - congrats! Wayne
  7. As close as we in Illinois will get to owning a suppressor!
  8. Sounds like you didn't get hurt - thank goodness. The ARX-100 interests me, but it's hard to justify anything but the AR-15. For me the AR platform just works.
  9. ​They are a bit expensive, but you should feel they shoot - awesome revolver.
  10. A friend of mine showed me his Rohm 38 Special revolver. I've never seen a Rohm and don't know much about them. The stamping says "Rohm GmbH - made on Miami". It's not what I'd call a 'fine' pistol - it doesn't seem to be made to tight tolerances and doesn't have a great finish. What do you know about Rohm revolvers?
  11. Pablo, I've owned/shot both the Ruger single six and the S&W 617. Both very good learning revolvers, fun to shoot, and fairly low priced. Wayne
  12. wwillson

    new RIA 1911

    Bill, I think this is your 1911 at Armscor's site? https://us.armscor.com/products/gi-standard-fs-9mm ~$350 seems like a great bargain. Wayne
  13. I would love to go next year - should would be awesome to see!
  14. Barry, You think the price will be ~$5500? It would be neat to have one, but at that price, it's not going to happen!
  15. You can now upload photos directly into posts - meaning you don't have to host at photobucket or a similar photo hosting site. Wayne
  16. Is it really a new design, or design elements 'borrowed' from other designs?
  17. All, We decided to switch from UBB Threads, which served us well for years, to IPB. IPB has many feature which are much better, including mobile. Give the forums a good test and let me know if you have suggestions. Thanks, Wayne
  18. I've tried several case lubes/methods and find One Shot is the most convenient way to lube cases. It also works as well as any case lube I've used and doesn't leave grease on the press. Wayne
  19. I see Hornady One Shot in the background. When you resize the .338 cases, do you use One Shot as the lube?
  20. Good to hear that you didn't get hurt. Many others have not been so fortunate. Wayne
  21. I contacted the wholesaler I've purchased reloading components from for years to ask if they have any shotgun/pistol powders in stock. I'll be looking for Longshot, Titegroup, and Clays pretty soon. They don't have a single pound of shotgun/pistol powder. They do have some rifle powders like 50BMG, but very little. Are you seeing any powders in stock anywhere out there? Wayne
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