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  1. It seems to me that it's getting a bit difficult to differentiate some of Ruger's pistol lines for the others. The Ruger American pistol seems to be a version of the SR9E with a better trigger and more versatile palm swell/grip?
  2. Wow - the article makes it sound like STAG was either very sloppy or felt they were above the law.
  3. Looking forward to your thoughts comparing the factory set up with the Apex set up. Wayne
  4. I've had the opportunity to shoot my M&P Pro several times now with the Apex flat-faced trigger installed. Installing the kit wasn't trivial and I would recommend buying the armorer's block, armorer's tray, and the trigger fixture. The Apex tools make the job much easier - just get them if you are going to do the job yourself. Make sure you have a 5/32" pin punch and a non-marring hammer. Shooting the M&P with the trigger kit is nothing short of awesome. The kit transforms the M&P from a run-of-the-mill plastic gun with a fairly bad trigger, to a plastic gun with a 1911 like trigger! There is a little bit more take-up than a good 1911 trigger (the take-up is mostly because of the safe-action trigger), but when you reach the break-point it's an amazing experience. The first time you feel the break, you just can't quite believe it can be that good in a plastic fantastic. The trigger will absolutely allow you to shoot faster in a match, but will not be allowed in a match where they check a production gun for mods. I don't shoot in any matches where there are gun inspections, so it doesn't affect my match eligibility. Wayne
  5. I made a post a couple years ago asking how to remove carbon from the bolt and bolt carrier. My conclusion then was to try to scrape the carbon with whatever tool I could find that would work, but nothing I had worked well. I noticed an advertisement in a gun magazine for the Real Avid AR-15 carbon scraping tool. After reading some reviews on Amazon I decided to give the tool a try. While ordering the Real Avid tool, I noticed the "what others also purchased" on Amazon included an interesting tool for the same purpose made by Kley-Zion. I ordered both. I cleaned two bolt carriers, bolts, and firing pins that were almost equally carboned up, one with the Kley-Zion and one with the Real Avid. I found both did the job well and reduced the carbon removal time to less than a minute and did a good job. In the past I would spend a lot longer attempting to removed the carbon and was never able to reach or remove the black crud from the hard to reach places in the carrier or the baked-on carbon on the bolt shoulder. The Real Avid tool tool cleans more hard to reach places on the bold carrier group and has a built in pin puller, while the Kley-Zion tool scrapes the carbon from the bolt shoulder slightly better than the Real Avid. If I had to recommend one, I would say get both and enjoy the better aspects of each . Kley-Zion: Real-Avid:
  6. The Wikipedia page for ARX100 redirects to the ARX160 page. I think whoever put the redirect in might be a bit confused believing the ARX100 and ARX160 are the same.
  7. The ARX160 seems to be the .22LR training version of the ARX100 or am I mistaken?
  8. Glad you stopped by to see what's been happening!
  9. Clevy, Welcome to PS - glad to have you here! Wayne
  10. Has anyone had a chance to fire a M&P with an Apex Tactical trigger? I have a M&P Pro that I'm going to install the Apex flat-faced forward trigger and sear kit. After reading many review and watching YouTube videos, it appears to be a great trigger. I will not be able to shoot in USPSA Production at a match where they check for external modifications, but most of my USPSA shooting is at matches where nobody cares about following the rules to the letter. Several reviews say that the Apex trigger is comparable to a 1911 trigger - if it is, that would be fantastic, as the factory trigger in the M&P Pro leave a bit to be desired.
  11. Thanks for the pictures - I was having a hard time imaging what you were describing.
  12. The wholesaler I deal with still doesn't have any in stock. I think it's been about 3 years since he's had any .22LR in stock. I believe the big box stores are soaking all if it up.
  13. Barry, Good question and from what I've read, there are many powders are based on formulas from the time period of pre WWII. That makes me wonder as well how many 'old technology' powders will go the way of the buggy whip. I think the answer lies in the costs and profit margins of the old manufacturing techniques vs. the new manufacturing techniques. It really is about return on investment. Wayne
  14. Have you had a chance to shoot it yet? If you have, how were the groups?
  15. I read an excerpt of this article in "The Illinois Shooter". Great article with real data about concealed carry and it's affects on crime. Link to article in PDF SSRN-id2629704.pdf
  16. There are already thousands of references to this pistol firing drone in Google search... I wish people would think about the consequences before posting a video like this on YouTube...
  17. If it's as accurate as claimed, the 6.5 Creedmore would make a fun prairie dog gun!
  18. That much clays would have been a bit hard on the BT-99!
  19. It was time to reload shotgun trap loads, so I got my PW progressive press out and set it up. I knew I had previously reloaded trap loads, so I just filled the shot and powder reservoirs and started reloading. Something didn't feel right when the first wad was set, too much pressure was required to seat the wad. I loaded two more shells, but none of them made it around to the final crimp stage. I took one apart and measured the propellant and was shocked to see the scale read 46 grains!!!! The load is supposed to have 18.1g. When I looked at the powder bushing, there was no powder bushing. I'd forgotten that I removed the bushing the last time I reloaded. Now I know that the PW press will drop 46 grains of Clays without a powder bushing! This is the worst reloading mistake I've ever made and will never assume anything again. Wayne
  20. This just can't lead to anything good. The anti-gunners will probably have a heyday with this video.
  21. wwillson

    carry pistol

    Springfield XDs 9mm - small, concealable, and fun to shoot. I had a Ruger LC9 - it's small, concealable, but not fun to shoot. The backstrap on the LC9 is very narrow and hurts the hand after a few shots. The XDs has a wider backstrap and doesn't hurt the hand even after a hundred rounds.
  22. Barry, What is a 'sighter'? Thanks, Wayne
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