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  1. I just bought the wife another pistol, a Cobra Derringer in .38 Special (her favorite caliber).. She liked the Ruger LCR but said it was a bit heavy for her purse. She loves it. So, for those ladies that may feel that even a short revolver may be too heavy, this could be the ticket for that last line of defense. Phil
  2. Thanks Barry. I did find some factory load 55 gr. Hornady V-Max's. I will be looking for those high BC 53 gr. Hornady bullets for reloading. Phil
  3. I just received an early gift from Santa, a Smith and Wesson M&P - 15 in .223 for coyote hunting. If there are any other owners of this firearm, I would like to know what ammunition you have found to be most accurate. Phil
  4. Both the Rem 783 and the Marlins are made in my Dad's hometown of Mayfield, Kentucky.
  5. This should put a smile of your face! Magpul's Hippy VW Bus.
  6. Results were excellent. Accuracy at 300 yards was better than factory loads and recoil was slightly milder than factory loads. The tremendous blast wave was still present. The next loading will use the IMR-7828 with 85 grains, same bullet, same loading dimensions.
  7. For sure! And 10 rounds was about all my shoulder could take.
  8. I carry either a S&W 586 in .357 in a shoulder holster or a LLama .40 S&W in a hip holster, depending on mood.
  9. I use AnalyzeLoad for working up new loads. Version 1.2 is now out and is much improved in terms of expanded coverage of cartridges, Bullets, and powders. AnalyzeLoad I highly recommend it. Phil
  10. I finished reloading 5 rounds of .338 Lapua for the Savage: Load1: Powder: Hogdon H1000 89.1 grains Bullet: 250 gr 0.338" Dia. Primer: Winchester LRM Overall Loaded Length (OAL) 3.660" Calc. Pressure: 58.576 psi Calc. Velocity: 2,815 FPS Will report back on results.
  11. Thanks, I'll try o find some of those Rem. #11 Mag primers.
  12. Good question about the version, Barry. I got in a trade with my son so I don't know the exact origin. It says on the barrel "Made by FN Belgium - Imported by BACO, Inc., Morgan, Utah." On the left side of the receiver it does say, "Winchester." My son put a Pine-Ridge 6-18 scope on it with Weaver rings. I should add that I tried all kinds of Match Ammo in it but the most accurate ammo was made by a guy in Waterloo, Iowa.
  13. I now have this rifle in the SX-AR version in Brush MossyOak finish and bipod. It is more accurate than the DPMS Panther Arms .308 that I had. Phil
  14. I have discovered that Jim Shockey's FFG "Gold" seems to take a hotter percussion cap to light-it-off, especially in cold weather. The Remington No. 11 percussion caps seems weak and useless, whereas the CCI No. 11 percussion caps will light off anything in any temp. Has anyone else experienced this as well? Rifles: two different BP firearms: first one is a more modern Thompson Center Hawken in 0.50 Cal version with a 29" barrel, the other is an older CVA in 0.50 Cal with a 32" barrel.
  15. This is the first I have heard about this: http://www.thenewamerican.com/economy/se...ry-lead-smelter
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