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Glock - Law Enforcement Trade-ins


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I made a trip to the Cabelas in Hoffman Estates, IL yesterday. The have quite a bit of Glock 23 and 22's for ~$400 each. 2 full cases in fact full of them.

I didn't handle them, but they did look like they had a little bit of holster wear. I'm sure they'd shoot just fine. I was really thinking about picking one up, but I wish they were $300.

WOW, that place is huge! I had the wife with me at the time, so I only spent ~1hr drooling, but I could have spent much more time (and $$) there. smile

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J&G Sales Police Trade-in 2nd gen Glock 23s $349.95


If $350 is the going price for police trade-ins at places like that, $400 in a retail store sounds about right.

When I was in my Glock phase in the mid-90s, used ones were commonly $350. I haven't noticed what they run now, but I know it's well over $350. A used Glock for $50 more than they ran 15+ years ago doesn't sound too bad.

I don't think US police trade-ins and German police trade-ins compare well. German police trade-ins must not bring much money when traded in. No matter what it is, when they get here, they sell for way less than they ever did. The Sigs, HK P7s, the old P38/P1s, all went the same way. I want some more of the Walther P5s to come in. Like P7s, those sold for $700-$800 and up for twenty years, then the trade-ins came in for half that.

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