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  1. Greetings, Any good training/instructors in the chicagoland area? My goal is to become more accurate and faster in IDPA (see attached image). I've been to several group sessions, but I don't seem to get the one on one feedback I think I need. Are there any local IDPA/USPSA (grand)masters that offer training locally to me? Location: south chicagoland
  2. I just received some new grips from Spegel. I think these look fantastic! The last thing bothering me is the safety. I'm thinking about installing the smaller (original) safety, to get it out of my way.
  3. I took a chance and had "The Gun Doctor" in Roselle. I had them install some C&S parts, and they did a wonderful job. I would recommend this place to others. They were quick, seemed to know what they're doing, and reasonably priced.
  4. Barry, Thank you for the reply. Which VZ Grips did you go with? What model and color? Have any pictures? After reviewing their web page, the black/grey look ok: https://vzgrips.com/pistol-grips/hi-power/palm-swells/pro-slims/hp-palm-swell-pro-slims-black-gray-g10.
  5. Greetings, Can anyone recommend a good pistol-smith near the Chicagoland area? I've recently purchased a new Hi Power and after a few months of use I have some minor annoyances I'm thinking about changing: Magazine Disconnect - I'm not used to this feature. Searching google, I see lots of recommendations to remove it, which sounds like this may be for me. Trigger - The trigger is not as good as I'd like. Rough take up, and a heavy break. I'd like to smooth it out and lighten it. (~5lbs) Slide Stop - I'm a right handed shooter, and the 1/2 moon on the slide stop hits my l
  6. This is fantastic feedback. Thank you.
  7. Everyone, I have some $$ burning a hole in my pocket and I was thinking about getting a small pocket pistol, for me to maybe to CCW at some point in the future. I would be new to carry and I'm looking for the wisdom of the resources on this board to help give me some insight. Below are my current list I'm trying to decide from. I travel to downtown Chicago about 3 days a week on the train and wear black slacks and a button up long sleeve shirt at all times, with no jacket (even in summer). I really like the lcp II size as I can hopefully carry in pocket or ankle, but I really like
  8. This may be more of a wish list for me.. 1. 870/1187 - 12 ga. 2. 10/22 - .22 3. g17 - 9mm 4. <pocket pistol> - lc9 possibly? - 9mm 5. <semi-auto long gun> - not sure ak74/mini-14? - .223 or 308
  9. Wayne, I hate to give recommendations without knowing the full details, but if you question the hardware (RAID) controller you could just throw in a 3rd drive and "dd" it's contents to it on a weekly basis via cron. This way you can just boot from that 2nd LUN/virtual drive via remote console if this were to happen again. We used to do this at an old place I worked at, and it saved our bacon once. the total outage was the cost of a reboot. I don't know if you're using e2label references in fstab, but you may have issues with double entries when using this method and may need to refer
  10. Interesting, double disk failure? Was it actually a double disk failure or did you not have hardware monitoring setup? Do you mind giving us computer nerds more specs on the hardware and/or O/S if you feel comfortable giving it out? Netcraft shows Debian?
  11. I got the parts in the mail last week, and just installed them yesterday. The first impression was I can't believe I spent $40 on what I received. (maybe I'm becoming a cheap arse in my old age?) After installing the auto bolt release, my mind has been changed. I can't believe Ruger just didn't do this straight from the factory. It's fantastic! Wayne: Thanks for the Threadlocker tip, I've done that as well. I can't wait to hit the rage sometime this week to try it all out!
  12. I just ordered some items from MidwayUSA for the little 10/22. Lets see how this goes.. 1. Volquartsen Extractor 2. Volquartsen bolt release 3. Volquartsen recoil buffer I hope the recoil buffer can help with the scope from coming loose..
  13. Wayne, Looks like you've had the LC9 for a few months now.. are you still fond of it?
  14. Wayne, Looks like a nice buttstock! Do you mind if I ask what you use the shotgun for? Deer hunting? Skeet? Trap?
  15. Greetings Everyone, From a previous post "New Ruger 10/22", you know I have a new .22 long rifle. How often should I clean the thing? I'm seeing all sorts of information on the internet about how often and how to clean these rifles.. I'm used to 12ga shotguns, where you take bristle brush on a rod and push it back and fourth 3 or 4 times after each use. Seems like many people don't like to clean their rifles as often, and they don't like cleaning rods for some reason? What do you guys use to clean your .22 handguns and long rifles? boresnakes every 1000 rounds or so?
  16. Wayne! Good Morning. I don't think I'm into modifying the little guy too much, but one thing that really annoys me on this gun is the little lever to hold the bolt open, which is the same lever to close the bolt once it's been locked open. That thing is TINY! It took the salesmen a good 5mins to figure out how it worked to show me.. I will probably purchase the "Automatic Bolt Release" for it: http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=688102 Can you show me pictures of your little 10/22? Have you done anything interesting with it?
  17. Everyone, I just purchased a new 10/22. It's the basic model, wood stock, Blued barrel. $229.00 at Cabelas. I'll probably pick it up this weekend, and I know I need to clean it before use.. for those of you with 10/22's is there any "gotchas" that I need to know about? I did do some google searches and the only gotcha I can find is moving the safety into the middle position before removing the stock. Anything else I need to know that's not in the mini instruction manual?
  18. Wayne, It's probably to late to add BreakFree and RemLube w/VCI? Eric
  19. Wayne, They had some used G17's but I _really_ don't think you'd want them. They were painted with ghetto fabulous $100 bills or crocadile patterns.
  20. I made a trip to the Cabelas in Hoffman Estates, IL yesterday. The have quite a bit of Glock 23 and 22's for ~$400 each. 2 full cases in fact full of them. I didn't handle them, but they did look like they had a little bit of holster wear. I'm sure they'd shoot just fine. I was really thinking about picking one up, but I wish they were $300. WOW, that place is huge! I had the wife with me at the time, so I only spent ~1hr drooling, but I could have spent much more time (and $$) there.
  21. I now have at least 2250 rounds through this gun. 15 trips to the range X 150 rounds per trip. I'm still in love with this firearm, and it works well for me. But I wouldn't say "Glock Perfection". I've had a few issues listed below. But, being my first love, this pistol is better than sliced bread. 1. Ejected shells to the face. Out of every magazine, I'll get a few spent shells to the face. I have a feeling the shells are bouncing off the side barrier next to me (indoor) and bouncing back at me, since I've had a shell stuck b/t my face and glasses on the side of my head. But I r
  22. Company: Centerfire Systems URL: http://centerfiresystems.com Date of Purchase: 10/10/2011 Date of Ship: 10/13/2011 Date Recieved: 10/17/2011 Purchased: 3 Korean Glock 17 mags ($8 each) Would you purchase from them again? Yes. No issues.
  23. Everyone, I finally got the chance to hit the gun range today. Good fun, until I heard some guy talking/grunting over my right shoulder. So naturally, I turned around to look.. I noticed the guy figiting with his rifle (looked like a .22lr). The guy was standing, with the rifle butt in his leg. But I noticed something coming towards my head, it was the end of the barrel swinging around. I didn't get hit with anything, but I did jerk back a bit, as I was on the wrong end of a firearm. I have no idea if the thing was loaded or not. Or if he was having issues with a live round.
  24. Barry/Wayne, Thank you for reading and making a suggestion. I'm a little hesetant to reload given my past with explosive chemicals. I think I'd be too chicken sh1t at this point.. 1. Trying to make one BIG snap/pop out of ~100 and dropping one into the pile at 8yrs old. Got a lot of what seems like little white rocks in the face, after it exploded. 2. Making a what was basicly a molotov cocktail, liting it and bringing it into the house after reading a kids story about laterns. 3. blowing off my thumb nail while trying to stick a lit M80 into a empty coke can. I've learned my less
  25. Greetings! My place of employment has a VERY nice program to reward (above and beyond) work with gift certificates. And after looking through their program, it looks like Cabela's is on their list. I have ~$400 to spend, how should I spend it? Option #1: Get a Weatherby Vangaurd. 308. Option #2: Get another pistol (undecided yet) Option #3: 18" barrel for 870. Glock: laser/light, extra mags, lots of ammo.
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