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Glock 17 - RTF2 - Gen3


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I got the G17 - Gen3. I wanted to pick it up at Rink's in Lockport, but the place is always WAY to busy. I've been trying to go for the past 3 weekends, but the place is always packed.

I purchased the gun from Gander Mountain with the sale they have going on right now.

Note: If you're ever in Lockport, IL. The guys at Rink's are fantastic!

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I haven't had the chance to head up to the range yet. I hope to go this weekend unless the "honey do" list gets in the way.

BUT I did get the chance to break it down a few times and get that copper anti-sieze all over the place. It's amazing how simple these things are..

I still need to do some investigation on who's got the cheapest target loads.. Walmart/BassPro/Rink's/Gander/online.

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I had the chance to go to the range on Saturday afternoon. The new pistol was surprisingly easy to use, shoot, and clean. I thought I did pretty well, once I stopped anticipating the recoil.

I have some pictures of the paper target, if I can figure out how to upload them..

I was able to also find 100 rounds of ammo @ Walmart for $24. I should probably get more, as it seems like a pretty good price.

One thing I'm not fond of, on the pistol is the loose play in the trigger, up until the hammer is engaged. I expected more resistance.

I've read the manual and it says to use "oil" to lube the friction points, but I'm thinking grease would probably be more appropriate on the slide rails? Something with VCI's since I'm not supposed to lube all metal parts..

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I now have at least 2250 rounds through this gun. 15 trips to the range X 150 rounds per trip.

I'm still in love with this firearm, and it works well for me. But I wouldn't say "Glock Perfection". I've had a few issues listed below. But, being my first love, this pistol is better than sliced bread. grin

1. Ejected shells to the face. Out of every magazine, I'll get a few spent shells to the face. I have a feeling the shells are bouncing off the side barrier next to me (indoor) and bouncing back at me, since I've had a shell stuck b/t my face and glasses on the side of my head. But I really can't tell, because I'm concentrating on the target and my follow up.

2. 1 failures to load. This was clearly the fault of the ammo (WWB). When loading the magazine I didn't notice that the bullet has mushroomed over the brass casing.

3a. 1 failure to eject. I didn't get the chance to look at the casing to figure out what happened, because I had a loaded handgun and didn't want to cause an accident. I just cleared the shell and kept firing. I think this is called a stove pipe?

3b. 3 failures to eject. I'm putting these down as (3b) since these all happened yesterday with 3 new generic Korean Glock magazines. I think I payed $8 for these things and I've had to take a razor to them to remove some excess plastic at the top of the magazine to make sure the follower went all the way to the top. I guess I get what I paid for it?

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