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Brand new Lyman Spar-T for $10

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I was at our local trap range recently and one of our members had a press for sale. He said he didn't know what it was or how he got it, but thinks it has been in his garage since the mid 50's. Nobody there seemed to have ever heard of a Spar-T nor did anyone know what it was for. I have been looking to purchase a turret press recently and when I opened the box I knew exactly what it was. I looked everything over and believe that the box had never even been opened before he brought it to the club. The box contained a complete reloader including the priming kit. There was no rust, corrosion, or anything visibly wrong with the press or accessories. I asked how much he wanted and he said, "Ah, give me $10 and it's yours". I could hardly hide my excitement and said, "sold" immediately.

The only item not included in the kit is the used primer catch cup. I called Lyman and the woman I talked to said one of their customers just found a bunch of them in their warehouse and sent them back to Lyman. Lyman sold me a primer catch cup for $4.95! I asked when they discontinued the Spar-T and they believe the last year of production was 1969. She didn't know what year the Spar-T was first produced.

Pretty cool aye!


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Okay, since now I've seen a photo of it I'll up my offer to $30 AND

Wait for it.... grin

I'll PAY for shipping!

I know, I'm way too nice but I always want to be fair!

Nice find! Really would love to score something like that. Next time I'm over at my Uncles I'll take a pic of his old press that he uses all the time. Its prob close to 60-70 years old.

What was it covered with to keep it in such great condition?

Take care, bill

PS: Lee dies! t-up

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After a lot of hard use over the years, the aluminum toggle link on my Challenger press broke, I sent the two pieces back to Lee and they upgraded it to a steel link (it cost me $14.00 - they did have the origional aluminum links for $4.00). That seems to be the only weak part on this particular press. Other than that it has been a good press. I stll have my Classic Lee Loaders that, when working up a new load, I take with me to the range. The brass is already resized and primed. All I have to do is weigh out the powder charge, tap in the bullet and check the OAL with a caliper.

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I've resized and decapped about 1,000 pieces of .223 Rem brass with the Spar-T press. It's really handy to adjust the dies one time and just turn the turret when you're ready for the next operation. I hope the priming mechanism works as well as the rest of the press.


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