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Browning HiPower Discontinued


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I've stoppped hyperventilating enough to give some more details. 

The last ones were completed and shipped in March.   FN said the tooling is too worn.  They've also apparently decided it's not worth continuing.  


My opinion is they finally got their excuse to kill it. They've done little to nothing to promote them and haven't made any significant changes in decades.  Selling 9mm pistols just isn't their thing.  


Ohhhh, my head's spinning again.  Gotta go. 

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A shame, it was on my list of guns to own (someday).  I just bought a second 1911 (in .38 Super) and really, really like it.  Another one of John Browning's designs would still be nice.

Oh, and on the subject of John Moses Browning, I really enjoyed my limited experience with the M2 .50 cal machine gun...what a piece of engineering!


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For anyone who doesn't have a Browning Hi-Power, but likes the design, Brownell's has the Tisas Hi-Power clone available in Stainless Steel and black. The Stainless model comes with 2 Mec-Gar magazines, and is priced at just $550.00. (Plus any shipping and transfer fees to your local dealer). That's pretty reasonable. The gun shows excellent workmanship for the money. And parts will interchange from other original Hi-Power models. Including Brownell's after market threaded barrels.




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