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Apex Tactical trigger for M&P Pro


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Has anyone had a chance to fire a M&P with an Apex Tactical trigger?  I have a M&P Pro that I'm going to install the Apex flat-faced forward trigger and sear kit.  After reading many review and watching YouTube videos, it appears to be a great trigger.  I will not be able to shoot in USPSA Production at a match where they check for external modifications, but most of my USPSA shooting is at matches where nobody cares about following the rules to the letter.  Several reviews say that the Apex trigger is comparable to a 1911 trigger - if it is, that would be fantastic, as the factory trigger in the M&P Pro leave a bit to be desired.

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I'll be interested to see how the new flat trigger works for you. I was shooting a Glock-17 for some time and then switched over to a CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target. The Glock trigger always had a weird feel to me with that trigger safety mounted in the middle of the trigger. When I shot it my trigger finger would hurt / go numb. I know that sounds kind of strange but it did happen to me.I see the M&P has that same trigger set up. Does the trigger feel OK to you when you shoot the pistol versus a solid faced trigger like on a 1911, etc? 

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I've had the opportunity to shoot my M&P Pro several times now with the Apex flat-faced trigger installed.  

Installing the kit wasn't trivial and I would recommend buying the armorer's block, armorer's tray, and the trigger fixture.  The Apex tools make the job much easier - just get them if you are going to do the job yourself.  Make sure you have a 5/32" pin punch and a non-marring hammer. 

Shooting the M&P with the trigger kit is nothing short of awesome.  The kit transforms the M&P from a run-of-the-mill plastic gun with a fairly bad trigger, to a plastic gun with a 1911 like trigger!  There is a little bit more take-up than a good 1911 trigger (the take-up is mostly because of the safe-action trigger), but when you reach the break-point it's an amazing experience.    The first time you feel the break, you just can't quite believe it can be that good in a plastic fantastic.  

The trigger will absolutely allow you to shoot faster in a match, but will not be allowed in a match where they check a production gun for mods.  I don't shoot in any matches where there are gun inspections, so it doesn't affect my match eligibility.


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I have a total of about 1000 rounds fired now with the Apex trigger.  It's so good that I would put it up against a decent 1911 trigger.  Would be very hard to put the factory trigger back into the M&P and shoot at a match where they checked for illegal mods.  

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I was looking hard at an M&P recently.  Knowing the Apex kit is so good might put me over.  Funny, but I know several people with Apex'd M&Ps but don't think I've tried any of them. 


Times are better for M&P owners.  I got one in .45 soon after they came out, and there wasn't much help out there for it.  

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