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  1. Wow I havent heard 10mm for a long time. Can you still buy that round in stores? I see it online but never in stores. Kudos for wanting it. Its kind of like me and my .32acp Skorpion. Fun to shoot but whoa is it expensive compared to a 9mm by over double. In the end in small doses its worth shooting.
  2. It comes in at a perfect 3pds with the 20rd magazine loaded. Which doesnt feel heavy at all. If your talking about the folding stock its made so you cant attach one unless your willing to potentially destroy it. Its just flat in the back. No little bracket for the stock.
  3. Today I ordered two Hi-Point pistols. I got the .45 model for $146 and their 9mm for $149 with the hard case. I ordered them through impactguns.com because they are the only store I have EVER seen carry all the Hi-Point magazines in every caliber and at decent prices. So I got an extra 2 each. They had my FFL on file which made it very easy so I will do business with them again. If anyone like budsgunshop.com which has better prices but its ultra hard to work with. They had these pistols for a lot less and free shipping but they dont have the mags and you cant enter an FFL it has to be one on file. My FFL faxed them their info and a week later it didnt update on their list. For a HUGE online gun retailer they are slow as crap. If anyone has a Hi-Point please speak up Id love to hear about it. Im not a disbeliever, I think these are fine pistols and I love the blowback design. I own a CZ-82 and Makarov and I love the simplicity of taking them apart.
  4. Picked it before my shift at work. Ill get photos up real soon. Its really cool and a lot better than I expected.
  5. I don't see why you should be limited but it doesn't say on our WA permit specifically that your are limited to one. But it does say pistols...
  6. Ordered a Skorpion pistol in .32acp today through CDNN sports. Fantastic company and holy crap was it quick. Less than 5 minutes and it was ordered. That company really has a good quick no beat around the bush customer service. Told the guy what I want he threw it out that they sold extra mags, declined and asked for billing/shipping info. DONE. Will order through them again that is as long as the entire transaction goes as smooth as ordering. I'll get pics up as soon as I receive the pistol. As I already claim in my sig I am now a true Skorpion king and it goes deeper than just my favorite gun in the Call of Duty games.
  7. That actually makes a lot of sense considering its not any thinner...
  8. Kudo's on liking your Hi-Points! Ive got their .45 pistol on order and Im very excited. Ive seen nothing but positive things about Hi-Points firearms. The four pistols you have from them is that one in each caliber?
  9. Well how about for inside the waist? Compared to something like a single stack compact like the PF-9?
  10. How does the 26 stack up against other sub-compact 9's? Ive been very interested in buying a 26 for a long time. Ive got a Kel-Tec PF-9 and P-11 but I just love a Glock and I know the finish wont be rusted up quick like on a Kel-Tec blued finish...
  11. ^ True! I own an LCP and PF-9/P-11 and the the size difference isnt much but highly noticeable. The LCP is my main and I have it everywhere I go.
  12. Took me a long time to find the K31 I bought and it wasnt cheap either! Worth it YES! As far as WWII era rifles this is the best and possibly the most interesting. It really sucks how expensive the rounds are. Wish this K31 had a strong following like Mosin-Nagants do today. Then maybe Id be able to get round at any ammo shop.
  13. ^ I really hate seeing your collection... Anyway my favorite bolt action would be the Swiss K-31. Amazing design that should have been copied a 1000 times over. If only ammo was more available... At least theres Mosin-Nagants to shoot.
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