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Practically Shooting

What about this part is dangerous?


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I got something recently with that sticker.  Now I don’t recall what it was, but it was something harmless and generic like a screw or washer.  It was connected to reloading, though.  I think just about anything connected to reloading ammunition gets a sticker now.   

It seemed odd when I first saw a warning on a box of jacketed bullets.  Now look where we are.  

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This is all California. (You can see the "ca.gov" at the bottom of the label). It requires this if they're going to sell the item in the state of California. Because in California EVERYTHING causes cancer and birth defects.

It's just like their idiotic "handgun roster" and "waiting periods". California has descended into a vast wasteland of regulations, and useless rules that produce exactly nothing in regards to any improvement in anything remotely related to quality of life.

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