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Rainier copper plated bullets


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Does anyone shoot the Rainier copper plated bullets? I am curious how well they load and if they eliminate lead fouling? I have read that it's not hard to tear the copper plating layer from the bullet while seating in the brass. I shoot cast WW bullets almost exclusively in my .45's and quite frankly am getting a bit tired of the lead fouling.



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Have shot thousands over the years. Excellent moderate velocity plinkers. Tearing plating is possible if case mouth's aren't belled a bit. Plating can also "crack" if too much crimp is used. A bit of experimentation with bell and crimp, and they're great bullets.

I like them for near max loads in 44mag blaster ammo.

Reasonably accurate and NO LEADING!


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I bought a few thousand Rainiers in assorted calibers last spring. I've shot over 1000 of them now and I'm very happy with them. They're accurate enough and no leading. I've had no jacket issues and have run them as fast as 1100 FPS.

The loading data for them is a little sparse but I've found that using starting data for a similar jacketed bullet gives a reasonable starting place.

After using them, I'll never buy another lead bullet.

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