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Just sent back my 2nd 1858 Remington beltline :(


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I'm guessing that the most recent run of .36 cal 1858 Remington beltline revolvers has bad steel for the loading levers. I've just sent back my 2nd one for the lever breaking off in less than 60 shots. I favor this model over the Colts as it has more punch than the 1851s. I could just use the loading stand, but it's no good to me if you can't load the way it was designed. This time, I told Cabelas to send me an 1851 since the others keep breaking.

I feel that if the pin and boss on the lever can't hold up to the strain of loading, then it's unsafe. If the pin snaps or arm falls off, there's nothing holding the cylinder pin from walking forward.

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If I'd bought it somewhere else I might've, but Cabelas handles it all "in house" It's a shame too, since that was one of the best "out-of-the-box" shooters I'd found lately. I was willing to install a replacement lever because sometimes the repair parts are a higher grade, but they insisted on full return.

The manufacturer was Pietta. I've had great luck with their pieces till that one. I've still got my Rem brasser and police models in .44 though. wink

I like to have a .36 around for target shooting since they're so cheap to shoot. You get 2 to 1 vs my .44's.

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