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Negative review of Les Baer 1911


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I was surprised when I read this review of a Le Baer 1911. I would expect an expensive 1911 from Les Baer to be much more reliable. The 'lockup' of the trigger group is something I've never heard of in a 1911 - have you? It appears that hydrogen embrittlement is a know problem with the chrome plating process. Could this be a simple tradeoff between looks and reliability?


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I don't know Wayne the more I've seen a 1911 "hopped" up to the more picky and prone to jams / part breakage.

Agree that a Les Baer should be good to go for that many rounds with ease. I've got a friend who has one of Wilson's finest and its been perfect for close to 10k. But for close to $3k when he bought the weapon it should be.

I've got one 1911 now (sold the other 2 I did have) and its been great for the thousands I've thrown down the barrel. Other then cleaning up the trigger and full length guide rod its stock.

Like you never heard of the lock up. Interesting about the finish and parts breakage.

I sometimes get the bug to get another full size 1911 blued weapon just because its so pretty crazy .. (my 1911 is a Parkerized one) But when I see the one I'd like is $1000+ I kill that bug quickly. grin

Take care, bill

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It's not the first Baer I've heard having problems. They're the exception to the rule, though.

Everybody makes a bad gun now and then. Everybody.

Something that strikes me as odd though, is the pattern I'm starting to see. The two I know of with problems were like this one in that the problems were numerous and repetitive. Those guns went back at least twice each. A couple others I know of have been as close to perfect as a mechanical object can be. Perhaps when Baer turns out a gun, they go all the way- either problem-free or problematic.

I'd still like to have one though.

But if I had any trouble at all, it might be time to consider dumping it right then.

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