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  I have some $$ burning a hole in my pocket and I was thinking about getting a small pocket pistol, for me to maybe to CCW at some point in the future.  I would be new to carry and I'm looking for the wisdom of the resources on this board to help give me some insight.  Below are my current list I'm trying to decide from.  I travel to downtown Chicago about 3 days a week on the train and wear black slacks and a button up long sleeve shirt at all times, with no jacket (even in summer).    I really like the lcp II size as I can hopefully carry in pocket or ankle, but I really like the 9mm round.

# possible options

1. lcp II(.380)

2. lc9s (9mm)

3. G43 (9mm)


# what I currently own (as a comparison)

1. G23

2. G17

3.  CZP01

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As you may know, I live in Chicagoland too and carry every day.  First, as of now you can not carry on public transportation in IL.  I have carried both the LC9 and LCP.  The LC9 is a great carry gun, being that it is compact, light, and snag free.  I carried either an LC9 or LC9s for a couple years.  The LC9s is simply a better gun, because the trigger is so much better than the LC9.  When I bought the LCP a few months ago, with the idea of using it as a pocket gun, I didn't realize what was about to happen.  The LCP is so light and small and fits so well into the front pocket of my jeans, while inside the pocket holster that comes with it from the factory, that it's the only gun I've carried since.  I also have an XDs in 9mm, which is another fantastic gun and relatively the same size and shape as the LC9 (yes the XDs is larger and heavier, but not by much).  The XDs and LC9 are too large to carry discreetly in the front pocket of your jeans, so I chose to carry them in an inside the waistband holster.  When you carry all the time, even the LC9 in an IWB hoster feels brick-like after a while.  The LCP becomes unnoticeable to the point that I've forgotten it's there.

The perceived recoil of the LC9 and LCP are similar, mostly because the LCP is so light that it snaps enough to make it feel like the heavier LC9.

My $.02


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